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About the Author

Maryann “Mar.” Harman

Maryann “Mar.” Harman has a BA in Music, Level I Orff Certification and a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood and is the founder of the internationally respected  Music with Mar.™ program.  Her passion is combining brain research with music activities that help children develop in all areas including language, cognitive, social and motor skills.  With over 40 recordings, her music has won several awards (two Parents’ Choice Award Winners, John Lennon Songwriting Award and several other National Awards) and is offered internationally through Discovery Channel, Spotify, Hoopla, iTunes and other distributors.

 The dual degrees contribute to her ability to write songs that are musically and educationally sound for children as well as easy to use for teachers and parents.  She has over 40 years of classroom experience from early childhood through college and adult education.  She was an adjunct professor at the University of South Florida. She is still actively teaching and has a network of Music with Mar. Instructors all over the US as well as a program in China, where she is developing an online program for families to learn English through Music.

 Mar. has a 12-hour Certification from the University of South Florida on Diversity; Equity & Inclusion and the topic is part of all her workshops. Her latest project is the book, “Building Brains with Music”.

 Her use of the latest brain research in her recordings and workshops, makes her a sought-out Keynote speaker for a number of state, national and international organizations. Music with Mar. gives children the gift of music while using it as a tool to enhance skills.  Maryann has presented for SECA, NAEYC, NAEYC State Affiliates, S African Principals' Assoc, SDE and various Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies


Other Books by This Author

9th Bridge
Welcome to Bridgetown where gold flows like a river through the streets, into the pockets of the cunning and cruel. Nine great bridges span the river, and nine powerful individuals act as masters of the river, using the power and influence that comes with their title to their own ends. At least until yesterday. Today the master of the ninth bridge is dead, his son missing and presumed eaten, and now all that power and influence are there for the taking. There isn't a resident alive who wouldn't try and claim that power for himself, and when the Mayor announces a competition to discover who will be the new Master of the Ninth Bridge, they will prove willing to climb over their neighbours to take the prize. The competitors are driven, ambitious, and have years of connections, favours, and influence within the city to exploit to take the prize. Just imagine their faces if an upstart nobody from out of town was thrown into the mix. A Winters man, a family name almost as infamous as the town itself. As I recall, the last chap with such a name was burned alive in his own factory, but I'm sure this one will do a little better. Well...He's probably going to die. I give him
A Champion is Born
She was just a newborn puppy but her mother Tanzi saw something special deep inside of her pup. There was courage, and confidence, along with passion and purpose. Tanzi also saw a healthy measure of wisdom. Smiling to herself Tanzi knew that her pup had the heart of a champion.
A New Song
A New Song is a compilation of Christian Poetry penned over Elizabeth’s lifetime. This is her first published book and we hope she will share many more with us as her gift is truly from up above.

A Brand New Song

I will not pass this way again

Nor tarry here too long

I’m going to another place

A place where I belong.

A land where milk and honey flow

And the streets are paved with gold

Where there will be no pain or death

Where I will not grow old.

There I will meet my Savior

And those who’ve gone before

We’ll worship God and sing His praise

Christ Jesus whom we adore.

When I see the pearly gates open

I will hear Him call to me

I’ll look beyond the Jordan’s bank

And His radiant face I’ll see.

I will not be down-hearted

I will shout a brand new song

I will be upon the golden shore

Upon the brand new morn.

So please don’t cry don’t shed one tear

I can’t tarry here too long

Cause I’m going to another place

A place where I belong.

A Question of Innocence
David Rathman, Martin County State’s Attorney, has every reason to believe that the biggest case of his career is a lead pipe cinch conviction. After all, Carolyn Gallagher admittedly shot her sleeping husband, Dr. Grant Gallagher, twice in the head from a range of no more than two inches. But, as Carolyn’s attorney, harried and overworked Martin County Public Defender, Karen Pellegrini, learns about the Gallagher marriage and what went on behind closed doors, she realizes she has been given the greatest challenge and responsibility a criminal defense attorney can assume: defending a truly innocent client. Then when celebrity attorney, Marcus Jackson, learns of the case and smells publicity, he volunteers to join the defense team. And little Martin County prepares to become the venue for the murder trial of the decade. Can Karen and Marcus convince a local jury that the revered, Dr. Gallagher was in truth, a monster, and Carolyn, a battered spouse who acted in self-defense? Or will even more secrets be uncovered?
A Simple Stir A Memory Served
Come in, come in!  As I open the door to welcome my guests the Butterhorns in the oven did just what I had planned. Each guest, as they cross my threshold offer not so much as a hello, good to see you or thanks for the invite…it was “What is that amazing smell coming from your kitchen?” Music to my ears! Cooking for my guests, no matter if one or twenty-one has always been a passion of mine. That is why I put together some of my favorite recipes, passed down through generations, old and young alike. So please, use what you like, tweak them to make them your own special creation and be sure to take notes right on these very pages so you can share some memories of your own. Plan to pass this book along someday, or better yet, buy two and give one to someone special right now so they can begin a legacy of their own!
A Simple Stitch A Common Thread
Living above her yarn shop, A Simple Stitch, on Main Street in her hometown was the perfect life for Eliza. One of the original downtown buildings in Spring Forrest provided her the setting for the collection of antiques passed down and finds she picked up along the way. Her regulars at the Friday Knit Out group had become like a second family, leaning on each other through many of life’s obstacles and celebrating life’s joys. Her nephew CJ returned to open the old Café across the street after one short semester away at college. Eliza could see CJ was searching to fill a void in his life. It became more obvious with the holidays approaching. Feelings he couldn’t explain but Eliza could certainly understand. The Homestead, still intact from generations past, known as Slipknot Farm had become more important to CJ this year than ever before. Annie Simpkins, the new fifth-grade teacher from Texas, caught his eye and stirred his interest. Now, CJ felt the need for a family gathering stronger than ever before. During the fall, Main Street comes alive with return customers, old friends, and new faces. Slipknot is transformed with the changing seasons. Visitors drop in, stories are told of the days gone by, and Eliza’s recipe box gets a workout. Everyone has a few surprises in the works, trying to make certain this season is more memorable than the last. Family priorities are realized, bonds are strengthened Visitors drop in, stories are told of the days gone by, and Eliza’s recipe box gets a workout. Everyone has a few surprises in the works, trying to make certain this season is more memorable than the last. Family priorities are realized, bonds are strengthened and futures are as bright as the full moon shining over the barn at Christmas time. Come along and relive the stories of Mimzie and Papa at the Homestead. As their values and strengths are remembered, A Common Thread becomes more obvious to everyone. Take this journey, and you will want to join the gathering every Christmas at the Homestead and feel like you are there.
A Simple Stitch A Familiar Pattern
There is a newfound excitement at ‘A Simple Stitch.’ With wedding plans in full swing, Eliza soon realizes that although she is always the planner and the worker bee, it’s not the case when you are the bride. In the meantime, Jon is also learning that when it comes to building their home, it’s not going to be made in a day if he intends to go it alone. As plans fall in place, Slipknot Farm comes alive. Memories of Caleb and Caroline’s (Papa & Mimzie’s) building of the Homestead and their own wedding continue to parallel the events taking place on Jon and Eliza’s journey. Starting their lives together, Jon and Eliza graciously accept help and enjoy being on the receiving end of the generosity that they so often are giving of themselves. New friendships are nurtured, relationships are strengthened, and some are put to the test. Watch as the entire community of Spring Forrest steps up to help recreate the ‘Familiar Pattern’ that is taking place right before their eyes.
A Simple Stitch A Time To Mend
Summer brings a new season in Spring Forrest. A Simple Stitch is open, and Eliza is anticipating new customers, returning visitors and the weekly Girls Knit Out group that gathers on Friday evenings. The school is out. The Café is as busy as usual. Aunt Mildred has settled comfortably in her Spring Forrest home. It has only been six short months since the gathering at Slipknot Farm celebrating the holidays, yet it feels like an eternity. Relationships were started, and others strengthened during this festive time. Now, life back to usual, the excitement has faded, and Eliza is feeling an unfamiliar emptiness.  Always considering herself the strength in the family, she isn’t hiding this restlessness as well as she thinks. Looking forward to her weekend at Slipknot Farm to nourish her soul, an accident takes her by surprise. As expected, she immediately steps up. Changes are necessary. Decisions are made without hesitation.  During this much needed Time to Mend unforeseen events unfold taking relationships to new heights. While some have tough decisions to make, others can easily see the answers. You are invited back to A Simple Stitch to watch this quaint shop evolve. Slipknot in the summer is certainly the place to be for working in the garden, cooking and finding rest while sitting on the swing and watching the sun go down.  So, as with every season there comes change, although not always easy, it can be a true blessing in disguise.
A Son is given
A Child is born. A Son is given who by his sacrificial blood offers deliverance from sin. He will return not as the sacrificial lamb of God but as the ruler of all nations. Ruling with an iron scepter as he provides never-ending peace and justice.

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