TS Koelling founded Words Matter Publishing

with the specific goal of launching the writing careers of new authors. WMP officially opened in November 2016 as a traditional publishing house with a Progressive Publishing Program to help new authors achieve their publishing goals.

Ts had a goal to make WMP into a publishing house unlike all others within a five-year span. She reached this goal within three years.

In WMP’s first year 13 books were published with the goal to increase every year. In 2017, 26 books were published. In 2018 WMP introduced the Gold Shelf program to place all titles in retail stores. Ts also took WMP to the people doing live events and book shows. She gave aspiring authors the chance to pitch their books to her in person. In 2022 we released 36 titles. Each year we release more books than the previous year.

As WMP grew, the founder and CEO kept her promise to work closely with each author and she strives to review each submission and email personally. In 2019 WMP branched out into the television world, beginning WMP TV and WMP Productions. Within the first six months, the cutting-edge programs were viewed over 18 million times. WMP Productions gives WMP’s authors a chance to expand to television, as well as have their book trailers seen by millions, increasing book sales.

In March of 2021, WMP took on the magazine world with the release of the first edition of the WMP Reader. This is the first online magazine written by authors with the reader in mind. The magazine was released to over 3000 people, with its distribution increasing with each edition they release.

Many WMP titles have earned bestseller status on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Several WMP titles have become award-winning books in multiple categories. “It is exciting to watch our authors soar,” Ts Koelling states.

WMP continues to grow each year by publishing exceptional stories by their current authors as well as aspiring ones. Join the WMP family today because we publish books that change the world.

WMP Team

Lynn Knechtges

Meet Lynn, a proud mother of three daughters and grandmother to four grandchildren, born and raised in Elyria, Ohio (Go Browns!). Lynn brings a diverse background to Words Matter Publishing, having owned a trucking company, organized events, and transitioned into a career as a Registered Nurse. Her journey is marked by resilience and compassion, surviving a harrowing domestic violence attack where she was shot eight times. Despite challenges, Lynn's passion for public speaking and event organization reflects her purpose to support others. Excited to join WMP, she looks forward to launching books, engaging communities, and promoting businesses she believes in.

Anouske Truter

Anouske has been with Words Matter Publishing since 2018, when she wrote and illustrated her own children’s book series, Lili & Bunni… WMP’s CEO, Tammy Koelling, approached her to illustrate for Words Matter Publishing. Anouske did not hesitate to work with her and the talented authors of WMP. She has illustrated over fifteen books and one coloring book. Anouske works closely with the authors to make their vision come alive.

Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta has been formatting books since 2007. He has experience with more than 5000 books and eBooks. At WMP, he formats books for paperback, hardcover, and ePub in all niches, including recipes, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, etc. In addition, he formats book covers for paperback, hardcover and some eBooks. Deepak not only formats book covers he designs some as well. With each book he formats, lays out, typesets, and designs. He is integral part of each book WMP releases.

Tanvir Ahmed

Tanvir Ahmed began working with Words Matter Publishing in 2016. He put his Computer Science and Engineering degree, as well as his Master’s in Information Technology to good use building and maintaining numerous websites. He is the designer of not just the Words Matter Publishing website, but the Words Matter Publishing Multimedia site as well as some of the WMP authors. Tanvir lives in Bangladesh with his family. He also sees WMP as his family as well.

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