What if Americans grew tired of constant political party rivalries?

What if an Independent offered true change and was elected?

What if the new President had dirt on all Congress people and judges and could control them?

What if financial burdens were lifted off the people and they became prosperous while the President disabled Congress and the courts to shells of their former selves?

What if he became President for life, a dictator? Would the distracted people notice?

What if one man did notice? Could one man change the course of history?



About the Author

Ted Barber

Ted’s parents encouraged him to be an avid reader. His family were storytellers. Chosen to be an editor for a creative writing magazine in his senior year of high school, Ted was on his way to a writing career when life’s circumstances forced him to choose a different path. When Ted’s daughter was born, he told and wrote children’s stories for her entertainment. He continued to write poetry, short stories, and short novellas all the while becoming interested in alternate history, realizing that a decision here or a phrase there could’ve changed history as we know it.


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