Bigger Than Jussie: The Disturbing Need For A Modern-Day Lynching

When Jussie Smollett took Bola Osundairo under his wing, grooming him for greater roles in Hollywood, the UNTHINKABLE happens…

Bola Osundairo couldn’t believe his luck when actor, Jussie Smollett, took an interest in him. He barely knew the man when he was hired to be an extra on the hit show Empire. Within a short time, thanks to Jussie’s assistance, Bola became a stand-in. His star was on the rise.

Ola Osundairo became an extra on Empire before Bola. Soon he was in a picture with the creator of the show that was posted on Instagram. His acting career was blasting off.

When Jussie asks for a favor, Bola is only too happy to help. At first, when he heard Jussie’s plan, he thought it was a joke. Why would Jussie need a modern-day lynching? Jussie assured him things like this were normal in Hollywood. When Jussie asked if Bola knew of someone who could help, Bola knew his brother, Ola, would be perfect.

Things didn’t go as planned, at least the brothers didn’t think so. Ola was instructed by Jussie to place one of the ‘props’, a rope made into a noose, around Jussie’s neck. But that didn’t happen. Ola got spooked and ran off before doing so. When word got out about the modern-day lynching, the brothers learned when Jussie reported the ‘crime’ he wore the noose. Why did he put the noose around his own neck? No man would ever willingly put a noose on themselves, much less a black man!

Suddenly, Bola and Ola find themselves outcasts in Hollywood, dropped by a major casting agency, and their lives totally turned upside down.

Who are Ola and Bola Osundairo? They are so much more than the ‘attackers’ in Jussie’s modern-day lynching hoax. Get to know the American-Nigerian brothers. Find out why Jussie knew Bola would agree to help him before he ever asked him to.

The truth of this hoax comes to light through text messages, emails, and never-before-seen evidence that removes all doubt of the brother’s involvement and explains why Bola and Ola agreed to take on this role. Was Jussie really trying to help the Osundairo brothers, or was he preparing them for the acting role that would prevent them from ever acting again?

Take a deep dive into the Smollett case, with a special emphasis on the biographical elements. As Bola and Ola strive to rise from the ashes, they are troubled by unanswered questions which leads to their quest for the truth. What they learn brings to light one controversial question that when combined with historical facts leaves one to think, was there a political need for modern-day lynching? Was the real motive Bigger Than Jussie?


About the Author

Ola and Bola Osundairo

Olabinjo ‘Ola’ Osundairo born in Chicago in 1991 to Nigerian immigrants, spent his first eight years of schooling in Chicago’s schools. He did his high school years in Nigeria while learning about his heritage from the family who lived it. After completing high school, Ola returned to the States for university. Ola graduated with an associate, bachelor, and master’s degree in business.

Interested in pursuing a possible acting career, Ola landed a role on Chicago PD. This role led to a part as a bodyguard on the hit show Empire. Together with his brother, and a college friend, they began a fitness and wellness program, Team Abel.

Interested in fitness and training, Ola decided to give bodybuilding and boxing a go. Not just the physical side of things, but the financial side as well. Ola has just begun his career in boxing, but his goal is to become a boxer children can look up to. If along the way, he wins a match or two all the better.

Abimbola ‘Bola’ Osundairo, born in Chicago in 1993. Of Nigerian descent, Bola did his early schooling in Chicago before moving to Nigeria for high school with his family. Learning about his culture along the way, Bola returned to the United States for college.

Upon completing college with a bachelor’s in science, and a minor in theater, Bola was bitten by the acting bug. After several small roles in Chicago PD, Bola was cast as the lead in the independent film, Friends, Family, and Lovers. Bola followed with a stand-in role on the hit show, Empire. Bola started Team Abel, a fitness and exercise program with his brother and a friend.

After a short stint as a bodybuilder, Bola found a new passion in boxing. He won his first fight when he began his boxing career in December 2018. Bola’s first competition was in March 2019. He won and continued winning each round before winning the final round, ultimately winning the Golden Gloves 2019. After winning the US National Championship and being ranked #1 he was selected to be on Team USA for 2024. Honored to be selected, Bola had to decide his future. Remain on the team, wait four years for the Olympics, or become a professional boxer. Bola chose to become a professional boxer and is on the way to becoming World Champion. As a pro, Bola is 6-0. He is the current African Champion and ranked #25 in the world.


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