Lili and Bunni, The Camping Cowgirls

Daddy, Mommy, Lili, Bunni and her older brother, Jordy, go on a camping trip into the woods. Daddy has a surprise for these little adventurers, and Mommy gives them a task to keep them busy. Hmm…we wonder what the surprise is? Listening to instruction can be hard. Lili, Bunni, and Jordy soon find out.



About the Author

Anouske Truter

Anouske, born in 1980, in the sunny South Africa, in a little town called Boksburg. She is always described as a diverse, full of life and an exciting person… almost like a shaken bottle of Champagne. Anouske strives to be a jack of all trades and a master of all. Anouske loves to create things like a mess (which by the way is her favorite thing) and loves creating a process for imagination to allow for healing and bonding. Her life has been spent engulfed in art and its’ ever-growing colorful environment. It’s a lifestyle she is addicted to. Anouske enjoys how art, writing and creativity can unite or create a reaction with audiences of all different personalities. Anouske loves exploring the world as an avid traveler too. Which helps with imagination and creative thinking.

Anouske has been a mom for most of her life and to her, this has been the most amazing part of her journey. From the abuse she endured during her first marriage with her first two children that suffered through it with her, to then after that ordeal, meeting her soulmate who unpacked all the past baggage. Johann, Anouske’s husband plays a vital role in this creativity process. Creativity and imagination played a massive role in healing what was broken. They added two more blessings to their brood. The Author and her Husband have 4 wonderful children. Her daughter, Aliyah their youngest is the muse for the Children’s Book series – Lili & Bunni. Being a parent can be strenuous and tiring, but if we can learn to connect with our children, it makes it so much easier. You will learn to think the way they do, and they will feel heard.

However, Anouske has not only been a mommy and devout wife, she is qualified in massage therapy in birthing and premature Babies. She is even qualified in Selling homes and Insurance. Her current role is being a Financial and Insurance Manager and the most recent and most amazing job by far is being an author. She started writing poems and short stories since 1994, drawing since 1991. Anouske started sculpting in 1996 and hasn’t stopped since then. She does murals art for clients and most paintings are made especially for clients. Anouske is enjoying writing the children’s books and doing the illustrations herself. Anouske illustrates for authors in America. She finally feels like she is living the goals and dreams she made when she was just a little girl. Always living by the motto: “Be who you needed when you were younger.” - Ayesha Siddiqi.


Lili and Bunni The Camping Cowgirls Reviews

Lili, Bunni, and brother Jordy are all going camping. Mother sends them on a hunt for strawberries. The woodland animals all help them, and Father has a surprise at the end of the search. What is it? You'll just have to read to see. Another interactive book by Anouske Truter is filled with places to color and draw. A delight for both parents, grandparents, and children. Maybe you will feel inspired to go camping. -Reviewed by Janet

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In this book, Lili, and Bunni, along with Lili's brother Jordy go on an adventure looking for berries and twigs for their mother and meet new friends. But in doing so, they forgot some important instructions from their father and got lost. So, they turned to their new friends for help, so they could find their way back to camp. This is a really good book to teach your child the importance of listening and following instructions. -Reviewed by Michelle

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Have you ever been camping? If yes, did you have an adventure? If so, what kind of adventure did you have? Either way, settle in and join Lili & Bunni and her family on theirs. While at it, pay close attention to what their parents tell them is important and why. This may open some ideas for helping keep your children safe.

Moms and dads, this would make a great bedtime or any time story you want to spend a little quality quiet time with your child or children, so snuggle in and enjoy. -Reviewed by Carol


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