Prelude of Fire
Ashlai is a Fyre who can harness powers of flame from the sun. Despite her powers—or perhaps because of them—she has always felt like an outsider among the Forest-footer Elves who raised her and her brother, Merritt. When their home is attacked by King Ragnar and his "Sere,” a vicious drought that burns all in its path, Ashlai embarks on a quest to save it. Her only clues are the strange music playing inside her head, the warnings of a captive princess, and a broken prism left to her by her long-lost mother. With the help of new friends, including a snarky elf, two squabbling but kind-spirited bards, and a boy who can turn into a tree, Ashlai journeys to collect the remaining prism shards. Can she find them and defeat Ragnar before his Sere consumes all Hyloria? Or will the secrets of the prism cause Ashlai to lose her new friends, her family, and even herself? Prelude of Fire is the first in an epic quartet that combines music and magic while reminding us that our choices, not our circumstances, define who we truly are and will become.

Serenade of Kings
King Moragon, a powerful mental magician, desires to possess musical magic at any cost. Gailea, an aspiring music mage serving in Moragon’s castle, dares to hone her rare song-spell gift in secret. Crispin, a young Fyre mage, plays a dangerous balancing game of striving to ascend in his uncle’s court while protecting Gailea from Moragon’s cruel whims. Gailea has only been safe from the wicked king as long as her gift remained hidden, but try as she might, she can’t conceal that gift forever. What’s more, Moragon isn’t the only one who takes notice: his brother, Alastair Ragnar—known as “the snake” by those who fall prey to his charms—has his eye on the prize too. As the castle’s secrets start to unravel and expose a deadly spell, a murder plot, a crafty sorcerer, and a certain Prism…can Crispin protect Gailea, especially from his own fiery ambitions? And as war breaks out to rival the conflict waged inside her heart, will Gailea be forced to sacrifice her love for the good of the realm? Continue the epic saga of The Gailean Quartet in this overture to Prelude of Fire that weaves music, magic, love, and betrayal to sing the origin stories of Gailea and Ragnar—a union of both harmony and flame.  
Shadows into the Light
Ryan has been letting his life slip away. Obsessed with proving that superheroes exist in the city he loses his job. Behind on his rent he decides to get his life back on track. That is until he meets an actual hero. Getting involved in his mission to clean up the city. Moving deeper and deeper as he helps him track people down. Giving him information as best as he can. The hero getting closer to finishing his mission despite not knowing his own identity. Keeping it hidden from himself after an attack leaves his memory at a loss. Together they work together to track down the bad guys. Getting into fights and causing havoc to try and keep the city safe. Only it turns out that their lives weren’t so separate before they met. The memory loss getting brought back by another superhero. The photographer’s family turning out to be those heroes. He must realize that his loss of family wasn’t because they didn’t care. Because they didn’t know what to do when he lost his memory. Coming together to end the mission. Coming to peace with both sides of his life.
The Curse
You know how high school is supposed to be fun? Okay, so freshman year isn't really fun. That is the year the seniors haze you by selling tickets to the elevator, so you don't have to take the stairs. Or my personal favorite- access to the swimming pool on the roof that doesn't exist. It's really when you hit the junior and senior years the fun is supposed to begin. At least that is what I'd seen in all the movies. I believed it would be the same for me. After all, I was going to be with my best friend, Everleigh. We could face anything as long as we were together; even buying tickets to a pool that doesn't exist and a pass to take the elevator to get there. No one told me about curses and what would happen if I kissed my longtime crush. Such things didn't exist in the movies I watched. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back, back to when I believed anything was possible as long as I had Everleigh at my side. Back to when I was alive.


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