Jessica Louise Chrisman wishes the summer of 1963 would never end. Entering Stevenston’s shared Junior/Senior High this fall scares the oxfords off her twisted foot. According to her best friend Allie, it will be a whole new wonderful romantic world. But Jessie has her doubts. She would rather play side yard baseball clear through December.



About the Author

Ruth Sibert

Ruth Siburt lives in Central Illinois where she spoils her beautiful, smart, loving grandchildren. She enjoys reading and writing stories, poetry and sometimes her own songs.  She is a fan of children, cats, dogs, and birds. (Please don’t hold the cat thing against her.)

She learned storytelling two ways: through reading books and listening to her mom, Beulah. At our Sunday dinner table, Beulah told true stories from her childhood. She remembered what life was like living with relatives who gave her temporary homes. Ruth learned how stories come to life by paying attention to special moments. She works hard to remember them so she can share her stories with others.

Young Ruth dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Her parents decided to give her piano lessons instead. It turns out that was a smart choice. Ruth’s fingers are much nimbler than her toes. She discovered in her piano lessons a sweet pairing of music and words. This is a good thing to know. She hopes her readers enjoy the wedding of music and story in Spoon Song.


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Spoon Song
 Sister is the youngest in her family. She dreams of being a part of her family band; to make something so beautiful it will make the mountains ring!
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