It All Started With A Pie
Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art. - Gesine Lemcke A collection of Recipes baked and tested in the Sweet Magnolia Pie Shoppe in Lexington, Kentucky. Mimi’s Secrets from the Sweet Magnolia Pie Shoppe! “When we had a family gathering or Holiday celebration, Mimi always brought the desserts!  We counted on her to bring pies, cakes, and yeast rolls.  Our family was spoiled for 25 years!  We all went into withdrawal when she sold her business!” “Oh Taste and See that the Lord is Good; Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him!” - Psalm 34:8 NIV
Spellbound Cookbook and Spells Companion to the Spellbound Saga
This one of a kind behind the scenes cookbook has a little bit of everything. Recipes for family dinner are mixed in with personal notes and drawings from author, Shannon Simpson’s notebook on her Award-Winning Spellbound Saga. Looking for a weird recipe for a party? Try Dead Men’s Toes or the amputated hand. You will find a little of everything in this book.
The Gathering Table
I was born in Newport, Rhode Island and I was raised in a large family of 9 siblings. Meals were a time of laughter, sharing and getting everyone together. Through the years, the dining room table became the one place everyone would gather, and these are the times I remember the most. I have strived to always make my table a place my family, friends, and visitors love to be. (for a simple pie and coffee or a full-blown dinner) To do this, I have had to step out of my comfort zone and learn to have fun trying new recipes to make my table exciting and offer everyone a reason to come together. In my first book, I have shared my favorite recipes that will help you start to make your table the place everyone loves to gather at. No more begging or bribing the kids to come, (I smile as I say that!) make meals a memorable moment and soon you will be creating lasting memories of wonderful times shared while passing the mashed potatoes and gravy! These are the times I feel truly blessed.
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