Bobby’s First Day

Bobby’s First Day recounts the events of the day Bobby was born, through the eyes of newborn Bobby, who is seeing and experiencing the world for the first time. This charming, rhyming story shows us the confusing and funny way the world must seem to a baby and is engaging for both parents telling the story and the children listening.



About the Author

JD Reeves

JD Reeves is a soon-to-be husband and is father to his son, Bobby. He is a self-employed real estate investor with a UK-based property portfolio as well as a property investment coach and speaker. He received a masters degree with distinction from Swansea University and a first-class BA (Hons) in Media and Communication from the same institute. Following a successful career in marketing, he made the move to self-employment to gain more control of his time, allowing him to rediscover his love of writing, which had previously seen him publish poetry, sports reporting and academic papers. He now combines running his business, writing the British Bobby Series, coaching and fatherhood in a wonderfully busy schedule – but wouldn’t have it any other way!


Bobby’s First Day Reviews

Cover Design: The cover is colorful and well-drawn. Definitely catches the eye. 5 STARS

Concept: A book about a baby’s birth told from the point of view of the newborn baby is a unique idea. It is one children will easily relate to. 5 STARS

Plot/Subplot: The plot is simple as it pertains to the first day of a child’s life. The subplot is the experiences Bobby experiences from meeting his mom to having his first meal. 5 STARS

Character Development: The characters are instantly likable. They are well drawn and easily relatable. 5 STARS

Entertainment Level: This book is entertaining for children. It’s a nice read for adults as well. A cute story parents can read to their child. 5 STARS – Reviewed by Award Winning Author, Shannon Simpson via Amazon

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This book about Bobby's first day is one you can share with your child or children as a quick bedtime or anytime story. Your child or children will get to know what the first day of life is like. They will surely want to hear it again and again. The closeness of parents with their newborns, the needs, and oops before they close their eyes. A truly adorable read for all ages. – Reviewed by Carol

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This colorful and clever picture book follows Bobby's First Day from birth to nighttime. Rhyming lines add to the charm as do the well-drawn pictures.

A perfect book for parents or grandparents to purchase and read to a child expecting a sibling or an only child who wonders about their first day. Make sure to read the informative acknowledgments and biography. Gift or keepsake Bobby’s First Day will continue to enchant now and generations to come. – Reviewed by Janet

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Booby's First Day is a wonderful book about what happens on the first day of a baby's life. Taking each new thing the baby feels and elaborating on them. This book is a wonderful choice for you to help your child talk about all the firsts the day they were born. – Reviewed by Michelle

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