The Adventures of Taz: Taz Goes for A Ride

Join Taz (J.P.’s Service Dog) as she heads out on the road to adventure! Taz and her friends take on their first of many adventures in The Adventures of Taz: Taz Goes for a Ride. As a service dog, Taz provides support for J.P. and the stories of her adventures will provide the same for our young readers as Taz takes on new challenges in each of her new tales. In The Adventures of Taz: Taz Goes for a Ride, she takes a ride to the dog park to meet up with her friends.  Going to new places can be really scary sometimes, but it opens the possibility of meeting some new and exciting friends! Come along with Taz as she heads out on the road to a new adventure!



About the Author

J.P. McMichael

J.P. McMichael is a speaker, author, and advocate for first responders and military veterans. J.P. is a twenty-five-year law enforcement veteran. J.P. was a first responder to the Pentagon on 9/11, and his struggles with PTSD almost led him to end his own life in 2003. J.P. started Catalyst of Change Associates in 2017.

An advocate for PTSD and suicide awareness in the first responder and military community, J.P. authored the children’s book “Why won’t you play with me?”, about the conversations he had with his young son to help him better understand his struggles with PTSD and suicide.

J.P. received his master’s degree in counseling from Liberty University and is an Adjunct Professor in Criminal Justice and Corrections.




Most everyone loves dogs, children especially. Children will love this book! The images within the book will attract children of all ages. McMichael tells the story through Taz’s eyes.

You can feel the excitement Taz has as he jumps in the car to go. You can imagine him jumping from the car upon arriving at the dog park to play with his friends. Children in some ways are like animals. Telling the story from Taz’s point of view will appeal to the children. I envision little kids everywhere sitting and reading this book to their pets. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of their animals having adventures of their own.

I think Taz just may be the new Biscuit!- Reviewed by Award-Winning Author, Shannon Simpson.

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