A Son is given

A Child is born. A Son is given who by his sacrificial blood offers deliverance from sin. He will return not as the sacrificial lamb of God but as the ruler of all nations. Ruling with an iron scepter as he provides never-ending peace and justice.



About the Author

Burl L. Shepard

Burl L. Shepard worked for National Life and Accident Insurance where he earned awards and sales trips. He then provided home healthcare services with Apria Healthcare for 18 years before ending his stellar career in sales with Mediacom Cable. Upon retirement, he began to devoutly study the Word of God.


A Son is Given Reviews

Very good book that makes you want to explore the scripture for a deeper understanding in God.- Reviewed by TLC via Amazon

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A well written book. Full of hope, faith, and God's never-ending love.- Reviewed by Michael Shepard via Amazon

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