The Chronicles of Cypuric

Kira used to think that she was a perfectly ordinary twelve-year- old girl. That all changed when she saw a dragon crash land at her school–a dragon who spoke to her and warned her of an incoming evil. Before Kira even had time to come to terms with this news, she was taken from her family’s backyard by a… boy wearing rocket boots? After fighting (and miraculously winning against) her evil vice principal-turned-dragon, Kira learned that she, too, was a dragon. Kira, now going by her dragon’s name Kirvam, reentered her homeland of Cypuric, land of the dragons, and united with the Dragon Keepers in order to save Cypuric from the insidious clutches of the dragon Kios.



About the Author

Evan Johnson

Hi there! I’m Evan Johnson, the author of the Chronicles of Cypuric series. I’m sixteen years old, and I’ve been writing for a long time--it’s one of my favorite things to do! I also enjoy reading, especially fantasy and adventure books such as the Six of Crows duology and the Reader trilogy. In my free time, I like to play my instruments: the violin, which I have been playing for almost eight years; the ukulele, which I have been playing for almost three years; and the bass guitar, which I just started a few months ago. I currently live in Utah, my home state, with my family and our two cats. There is so much left to do in my future, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


The Chronicles of Cypuric Review

The bright colors and animated look of the cover jumps out at you. The dragon practically jumps off the page at you. I would definitely stop and pick this book up. A well-deserved 5 Stars. Johnson brings here characters to light in a way that instantly endure them to you. They behave the way you'd expect a teenager to be whether they are humans or dragons. I would have liked for Kira to be defined a little more as she learned the truth about herself. 4 ½ Stars Johnson has a fresh storyline in this book. So many genres are over done these days, but Johnson has put an exciting new spin on things. The idea that dragons can be humans in disguise is unusual, I feel teenagers will enjoy it. 4 Stars The Chronicles of Cypuric is unusual and unique. I have never read anything remotely similar. There were a few things I felt could use more explanation. The way the main character easily accepted her new reality could use more explanation. The subplot needed a little more time in the book, but ultimately could come into play in future books. 4 stars The Chronicles of Cypuric will appeal to teenagers looking for a quick read. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next installment. For anyone who likes dragons and wants a quick read, this book is for them. 4 Stars Overall I give Chronicles of Cypuric 4 Stars – Reviewed by Award Winning Author Shannon Simpson via Amazon

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It amuses me that I was told to go easy on this review because it was written by a younger writer, amusing because I didn't really feel the need to. The story was short but enjoyable and shows a lot of promise from a younger author, certainly more than I had at a younger age. If my review focuses somewhat on what I would like to see in the future that's only because I am excited to see more dragons. – Reviewed by Marc Townsend via Goodreads

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A well written, albeit short, novelette. I want to know what comes next. I want the characters to develop further with the story. Here's hoping Ms. Johnson finishes soon! – Reviewed by B.A. Simmons via Goodreads

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What would you do if one day you were kidnapped, told you were a dragon in human form, and whisked away to fight in a dragon war? Would you fight or would you try to get home and hide under the bed? What if your principal at school was a dragon too, a big bad evil dragon?

This is just one of the many problems presented to 12-year-old Kera as she grapples with her new identity. Up and coming writer Evan Johnson brings a tale filled with dragons, dragon keepers, friends, and foes. An excellent read for all who love dragons and a first in a must-read series sure to delight. – Reviewed by Janet

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You will find life isn't always as it seems and how an ordinary day at school like any other can change in the blink of an eye, even your principal. Then you are taken through a portal and everything you have ever known is not as it was, and you are a ... what???

Enter a whole new world and make friends you didn't know even existed. Where will this take you? How is this possible? This bright young author will have you looking forward to what is next so read on. -Reviewed by Carol

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The Chronicles of Cypuric bring us into the mystical lands of dragons as this story unfolds. A young orphan Tom has spent 13 years in an orphanage on earth and now is returned to his native world, a world of dragons. As he meets new friends, he is taken into what is referred to as the Dragon Keepers and shown his true self as he helps to battle to keep their dragon world safe. This book is a really great read if you are into mystical worlds and dragons. -Reviewed by Michelle

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The Chronicles of Cypuric is a book about mystical creatures, Dragons. Long ago they were threatened by an evil dragon, and they sent their young to Earth to stay until they were needed in the fight against Kios, trying to take over the land. This book is really great if you love dragons and mystical lands. -Reviewed by Michelle P.

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The Chronicles of Cypuric The Dragon Stone
Tom has been an orphan all of his life. Bouncing from orphanage to orphanage, somehow never landing in a foster home, Tom was getting sick and tired of never having a place to call home. His luck seems to have changed for the better, though, on the day that a mysterious man shows up to take care of Tom, Tom was ecstatic--at first. He quickly learned that this man was not what he seemed. The man, with the help of the orphanage bully, transformed into dragons and attempted to take Tom away from the closest thing he’d ever had to a home. Before the man could take Tom away from Earth, a portal opened, and a teen showed up to rescue Tom. Barely making it out with their lives, the teen introduced himself as Kyle and revealed to Tom that Tom was a dragon. Tom, reeling from this news, initially took some time to adjust to his new almost- dragon life. After a shapeshift attempt and some minor training from the Dragon Keepers, Tom and the Dragon Keeper Cierra tried to steal back the only magical relic that can turn Tom into his true dragon form. But this dragon form was not what Tom expected. Before he could adjust to his new life, Kios attacked the Dragon Keepers’ home. Tom and the Dragon Keepers fought for their home and won, but they had to come to terms with the devastating betrayal that followed their victory. At least Tom--now Tognar--finally had a family and a place to call home.
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