Mom and I Disagree

Moms and kids disagree on a lot of issues. After one particular morning full of disagreements over just about everything, this book was written by a stressed-out mom and deals with the debates over bedtime, chores, bicycling rules, and movie choices.  While trying to understand why so many rules exist, the child in the book realizes the rules are in place for his safety and health, and because he is loved.

Parents everywhere can relate to disagreements over family rules.  Hopefully, as parents read Mom and I Disagree with their children they can reassure their children that the rules of their home are made out of concern and love.



About the Author

Donna Rabenort

Author Donna Rabenort fell in love with children’s books while she was working in the K-6 libraries of her sons’ school district, and actually wrote Mom and I Disagree in the teacher’ s workroom. She and her husband live in southern Illinois and have two grown sons.


Mom and I Disagree Reviews

Incredible book from the heart and firsthand experiences that all mothers can relate to and children can learn from. OH, and the Author couldn't be more of an amazing woman if she tried!! A must buy!! – Reviewed by Don Light via Amazon

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This sweet story is one that all parents can relate to, disagreements with our children. It is a story that gives hope that our children will grow from them. – Reviewed by Ellen B. via Amazon

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My granddaughter loved this book. Such a cute way to describe the disagreements between parents and their children!! I highly recommend it!! – Reviewed by Kristy K. via Amazon

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Great book for parents and children. I highly recommend it. My granddaughter loved it! –Reviewed by Amazon Customer via Amazon

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Cover Design- the cover of a book is meant to catch the eye. This book does that. Combined with the title you will pick this book up to see what it’s about. 5 STARS

Concept: The idea of a book written from a child’s point of view about what all mothers and children deal with is interesting and intriguing. This is a subject every parent faces. 5 STARS

Plot/Subplot: Once you have a concept for a book you have to have a plot. I liked that Rabenort didn’t over embellish the story. It is short and to the point. 5 STARS

Character Development: These characters are written in a way that a mother can see herself as the mother in the book. The child is like every child who ever feels like they are right over their parent. 4 4 STARS

Entertainment Level: This book is a quick read. It’s a book all children should read. For myself it was an okay story. However, it isn’t geared to my age. It’s good for children to read. 4 STARS –Reviewed by Award Winning Author, Shannon Simpson via Amazon

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Did you ever disagree with your parents? Did you wonder why there are so many rules? Well, I'm sure your kids do too.

This book may offer you a way to explain it. Sit down with mom and l disagree with your child or children and read it together. It will be a great way to spend some quality time together also. Hopefully, it helps them to understand it through another mother and child's perspective. – Reviewed by Carol

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This book is about a mother setting rules for her child and the reason for them, but her child sees it differently. This book is very good at helping to explain why something is a rule to a child. – Michelle

Are you a mom or Dad? Are you at odds with your son or daughter? Is life at home filled with little skirmishes and conflict? If so, this book is for you.

Mom and I Disagree touch parent-child relationships explaining the dynamics and helping each party to understand the other. This book is a win-win for both parties. Written in an easy-to-understand format with fresh lively color pictures. – Reviewed by Janet

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