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A Question of Innocence
David Rathman, Martin County State’s Attorney, has every reason to believe that the biggest case of his career is a lead pipe cinch conviction. After all, Carolyn Gallagher admittedly shot her sleeping husband, Dr. Grant Gallagher, twice in the head from a range of no more than two inches. But, as Carolyn’s attorney, harried and overworked Martin County Public Defender, Karen Pellegrini, learns about the Gallagher marriage and what went on behind closed doors, she realizes she has been given the greatest challenge and responsibility a criminal defense attorney can assume: defending a truly innocent client. Then when celebrity attorney, Marcus Jackson, learns of the case and smells publicity, he volunteers to join the defense team. And little Martin County prepares to become the venue for the murder trial of the decade. Can Karen and Marcus convince a local jury that the revered, Dr. Gallagher was in truth, a monster, and Carolyn, a battered spouse who acted in self-defense? Or will even more secrets be uncovered?
Building Brains with Music

Anyone who has a child in their life, whether as a parent, family member, teacher, or someone else involved in the child’s care, should read this book. The information contained will change how you view music. It will not only have a positive, direct impact on the child; it will have an impact on you, the reader, as well.

Every parent or teacher has the capability of using music.  Would more of them take the time to sing and dance if they knew how valuable taking the time was?  If one of the basic tools for building a brain was music, would you use it?  I am handing you that tool right now with this book.

Come join me as we begin Building Brains with Music.
After years of alcohol abuse, Raldo Cisneros, a former Marine, is desperate to rekindle his strained relationship with his young daughter. He gets back on his feet and begins working security for a billionaire financier only to discover a dark secret that he feels may cost him his soul. Through the help of his former Navy chaplain - a suffering soul in his own right - Raldo comes to face-to-face with the decision of his life and will be forced to risk it all for those he loves most.  By John Gibson 
Dexter Booth and the Last Dragon
Most grandchildren go swimming or enjoy a burger when visiting their grandparents. Dexter helps his grandparents, alongside a clan of wood faeries, save the last dragon from evil as old as time during his weekend visit.
Don’t Touch That Box
How do you survive when you keep burying your children? How do you survive when your children are no longer the shining star they once were but are trudging through the quagmire of mental illness as a different human? How painful is that when you can’t do one thing to help your child with their suffering? A family with twelve children lives through so many experiences, both joyous and disastrous. Velma lived to be 100. Paul Died at 85. When you live that long it is easy to outlive your children. Velma buried six. It doesn’t matter how old the child is. The pain is still extreme. And their house burned to the ground with all its contents, but thanks to the depression and insurance, they were able to buy a much larger farm and home and move to Pope County, Illinois. Then came the Depression and sons joining the C.C. Camps until WWII started, and they joined the army. This brought the anxiety and devastation of sons and neighbors preparing for war and going to Europe. Daughters moving away to large towns to work in war plants. Paul kept a map on the wall. Did Paul ever yearn for the simple, carefree, pain free days of Vaudeville? No. He knew how to face any problem with equanimity and confidence. And all those children gave him the happiness to salve constant and chronic intruding troubling times. Have you tried to go even one week without a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave, water on tap, central heat, an air conditioned car (or two), a telephone on the wall, much less a cell phone, a computer, or just one of these? Try three days. Aww how long it takes you to give up. In this true story, Don’t Touch That Box, Karin Wargel, being intrigued by this true Renaissance Man who was her grandfather, Paul Schultetus, discovers how they dealt with all this trauma. How did they make their lives so exciting and lovely for themselves and their children that they were able to move on and carry on? And they still taught them about the constellations from blankets in the yard on starry nights, a foreign language at breakfast, read books, listen to the old radio, go to movies, and how to make ho-made ice cream in an old sorghum can. Then I decided to go to Germany to find my family and my roots-who I am, and why I am who I am. I wasn’t disappointed. They were amazing people over there, also. I have learned many tidbits about life from my family. I hope you do, also. I would also like to instill the importance of knowing where you came from. But, of course, I know it was easier for me. I had help from twelve siblings, a multitude of cousins, and my sister! Mostly I just hope you enjoy the story. Karin Brace Wargel
Look at this mess! Who did it? Twins, Shylea, and Kable know it wasn’t them, but no one believes them. Sent to their room until they admit they did it, they discover something hiding in their closet. Who are the Figments? And what are they doing in their closet?
Fire and Ice
An expedition to find a lost colony is attacked by the planet itself but manages to send a distress call back to Earth before all communication is lost. A rescue ship is sent but experiences difficulties upon making landfall. The ship’s crew are attacked, and the craft disabled by the jungle as it comes to life and in the night air a chilling voice through the trees…hungry! The surviving crew decide to try and find the lost colony and expedition while repairs are ongoing on the craft. They discover hostile natives, a jungle filled with threats from wild animals to attacking vegetation and a secret at the place of fire and ice which threatens everyone on the planet.
Jamie Shai and His Superpower
With great challenges comes a child who found his superpower. Born with Cerebral Palsy and incredible challenges, unable to eat, walk or talk, Jamie found a way to make people ‘feel’ and for people to see him, to know him, lighting up a world in need of more love and laughter. There are such great positives that exist despite one’s challenges.  It’s so important to embrace children who are different and for the world to really see them and show just how awesome they are. Jamie has the power to show you his heart and soul, to light up your world, to slow you down and make you think, to change your day. Jamie has rocked our world, and in ways we could never have imagined.   He has, in more ways than we can count, been our greatest inspiration.  We all want the best and most we can give our children to give them the best start in life.  Sometimes plans turn out a little differently, and sometimes we are all the better for it and our eyes are opened to a world we never dreamed of or expected but are so incredibly grateful for. My heart burst with a million emotions when Jamie realized his superpower. By Lara Nathan
My Daddy Loves Me, I’m His Little Girl
I know my daddy loves me. He brushes my hair. We have exciting adventures everywhere. He helps me when I need it. He listens when he’s there. We look at stars and tell exciting tales. I know my daddy loves me, I’m his little girl.
My Momma Loves Me, I’m Her Little Boy
I know my mama loves me. I see it in her smile. I feel it in her arms when they hold me. It is in everything she does. From wiping my tears, to helping with my homework. We go on adventures together to far off places. I know my mama loves me my whole life through
My Momma Loves Me, I’m Her Little Girl
I know my mama loves me. I see it in her smile. I feel it in her arms when they hold me. It is in everything she does. From wiping my tears, to helping me learn. We go on adventures together to far off places. I know my mama loves me my whole life through.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the constant demands of being a woman? Have you ever regretted your behavior in certain situations?  Have you ever blamed God for your decisions? Yes, to all the above! Why don’t we be more honest - a lot of us have answered yes to these questions. We forget that we can only control one thing —ourselves. We forget to stop taking life so seriously and laugh at our own faults.  Instead, we laugh at each other and break ourselves down in the process. It’s time to share our sisterhood in Christ and eliminate the competition we create by replacing it with love. You are not alone. Find a quiet space, grab a pen, and let’s get started bettering you.
Rocket, A Dog and His Boy
Rocket longs for his forever home. Day after day children come to the shelter, but none want him. Until the day a boy comes to visit. He wants to meet Rocket. Will he finally find his boy?
Sailing Into the Light
There is no better time to read a story to a friend or a loved one than when they are leaving this body and making their transition into the next Life. It is a time that can frighten us or fill us with sadness for our impending loss. If we can fill our hearts and minds with loving words and images of a Life beyond this Life, it can soothe us and the dear one we wish to help on their journey. Don’t wait to read a eulogy after your Loved One is gone. Read a short story—a metaphor—inspired by a poem almost 200 years old. A sailing ship leaves the shore and as well-wishers shout their goodbyes, those on a distant shore chime their welcome. Ease the journey of anyone you care about by reading Sailing into the Light aloud to them.
Sharing Christmas
 It’s the last day of school before Christmas break. Mrs. C is opening her gifts from the class. What does she receive? What lesson does she have to share with them before they leave?
The world is dying. The music is fading. The day began as any other. A farmer goes about his day telling jokes to his cows. A baseball player finds his season cut short. A man finds the courage to take the stand and testify against his abusers. A group of twelve-year-old boys are about to learn one of life’s many lessons. A young woman has her entire life figured out when that train crossed her path. A hermit stumbles upon a terrifying wolf like creature. Elves and witches are on a voyage to find the temple. A dangerous surf is fast approaching as word of possible terrorism comes. Will the last ship arrive in time? The planet is dying. The world is on fire.
Spellbound Cookbook and Spells Companion to the Spellbound Saga
This one of a kind behind the scenes cookbook has a little bit of everything. Recipes for family dinner are mixed in with personal notes and drawings from author, Shannon Simpson’s notebook on her Award-Winning Spellbound Saga. Looking for a weird recipe for a party? Try Dead Men’s Toes or the amputated hand. You will find a little of everything in this book.
Spoon Song
 Sister is the youngest in her family. She dreams of being a part of her family band; to make something so beautiful it will make the mountains ring!
Symphony of Crowns

Once a queen. Now a fugitive. Can a sacred song transform Gailea into a warrior? Despite ever-growing song-spell skills, Gailea has shed her crown to flee the kingdom she conquered…and the cruel man she loved. Hunted by assassins, she must hide her children and vanish, disguising herself as a teacher at an extraordinary magic academy.

Across the sea, sadistic King Samil has usurped the Carmennan throne, using forbidden spells and his talented young protégé, Mikanah, to seduce and enslave minds. His plan to crush the entire Lozolian Realm with an unstoppable army demands one last sacrifice: an innocent music mage whose soul can be twisted to craft the ultimate weapon. When a girl escapes Samil’s dungeons to warn of the plot, Gailea must reveal her gifts to join the elite, mysteriously selected music Guardians and confront the rising evil. But even the Guardians have their own agendas. Can Gailea trust Iolana, the former prisoner whose scheme to save the man she loves could doom them all? Or the very man who sent assassins to hunt Gailea and her children? Or even Mikanah, ripped unwillingly from King Samil’s side to accept a duty he despises. Does he seek redemption, vengeance, or power? Ahead lies a treacherous journey to rally the Guardians and confront their overwhelming enemies. But Gailea’s vow to reunite with her children demands a safe realm. And she will vanquish anyone, king, or ally, who stands against her. The trials of war and the power of music rush to a crescendo in this epic third installment of The Gailean Quartet.
The Celestial Keeper
Can I make this sacrifice? Do I have a choice? I’m Star Kin. Shaken by his absence while he faced the Craevyrn Elders, Cassie Stone still fears she may lose Alex Grayson for good, despite his triumphant return. When Alex reveals the Craevyrn plan for her, Cassie believes her worst nightmares are coming true. Her own dreams about her future contradict both the Craevyrn and Alex’s opposing wishes. She must decide what she wants—and soon. Determined to keep Alex in her life, and fascinated by her reignited feelings for him, Cassie allows herself to fall into his arms—and his bed. But Cassie’s actions, both now and in the past, have unexpected consequences, leaving Cassie struggling to resolve her options, and placing her friends in harm’s way. “You can’t seriously think you have any power here?” When the sudden appearance of an old enemy throws her human friends into danger, Cassie must put herself at risk to protect those she loves. Can she save her friends from her tormentor? Will her carefully trained gifts and determination overcome her much stronger enemy? Can love prevail when she thinks all is lost? And will Cassie reach her promising future when the past has other plans for her?
The Custodian Breaking the Circle
In the Custodian: Circle of Sorrow we find out who the Custodian is. Now we find out why 67A Broughton Road has trapped souls within its walls for almost three centuries. Can the newest occupant, Lydia, a woman in hiding from spousal abuse by a barrister specializing in spousal abuse, and ghosthunter, Irving Stofferson, break the circle and end the misery surrounding the house? And what do the Pendle Witches, the demon of wealth and a rogue seraph have to do with the place? Open the book and find out. It will not disappoint.
The Keene Green Halloween Cat
I suppose the color I chose did not make my teacher happy. I wanted something neat and snappy. It's your book so take a look inside. Then color away and have a nice day. Any color will do as this book is for you.  By Carole Lathrop Moeller 
Treasure of Truth, God Triumphant
Burl L. Shepard is the author of The Depth of Our Riches, A Son is Given, and For It Is by Grace. In Burl’s fourth book, read about Christian apologetics and its significance to the Christian faith. Discover the power of God’s word and the only pathway to Heaven. What is the unforgivable sin, and what must one do to avoid committing it? Read about Israel, God’s chosen people, and the growing apostasy of replacement Theology. Learn God’s purpose for the Ten Commandments. Go on a symbolic journey to Heaven and discover the wonders that might be writing. Explore the New Heavens and New Earth God will create after the thousand-year rule of Jesus on Earth. Burl’s fourth book is uniquely written and thought provoking, a must read.

Best Sellers

Rich Herrin A Head Coach Ahead of His Time
The story of how Rich Herrin spent his life influencing young lives and transforming a small coal mining community into a basketball powerhouse.
Doug Collins (NBA Coach, '72 Olympian): "When I was growing up...I wanted to be Coach Herrin. Think about it...He was tough, fair, and honest. I never heard him say a swear word...he was just a good Christian man. I wanted a family like Coach Herrin...a wife like Sue. I wanted to coach and teach and give back like Coach Herrin." Rich Yunkus (Georgia Tech All-Time Leading Scorer): "Coach Herrin never expected anything out of you that he didn't expect himself. He had an unbelievable work ethic and led by example. He cared for you as a person and not just an athlete." Dick Corn (Pinckneyville High School Coaching Legend ): "As great a coach as he was and as passionate as he was toward basketball...his greatest achievements were as a husband, dad, grandfather and dearest friend to many."
I always knew I'd die on my 500 th  birthday. Alone. Then Aidan Crane turned my world upside down. Being a witch, I could kill him with an errant thought. Being a vampire, he could lose control and drain me. Can our love overcome any obstacle? Ashlie, a very powerful slow-aging witch, prefers to keep to herself. Save for her dog, Netter and her mind-reading ghost BFF, Stephenie, she lives a lonely existence. Ashlie longs for love but fears it at the same time. Her ever-growing powers are controlled by her emotions. What if she were kissing an unsuspecting boy and set him on fire? What if she froze him as they walked across the street, and he was hit by a car? Thoughts like these plague her. She has resigned herself to a lonely life. Aidan Crane has no memory of his life before he became a vampire. He goes through life existing with no hope to find love. The moment he sees Ashlie he knows there is something different about her. She glows. Try as they might, they can't ignore their attraction. Again and again, obstacles are thrown in their path. Are the Fates trying to show them they don't belong together? With the help of Ashlie's newfound friend-Ericka, her ghost best friend-Stephenie, and a long-dead historical figure-Alexander, the unlikely pair search for a way to be together. Between resurrected loved ones, danger lurking around the bend, and unexpected side effects will Ashlie make the ultimate sacrifice for love?
The Greatness Chair
Avi is a typical boy having an ordinary day full of corrections and negativity by well-meaning grown-ups. When he reaches his limit and blows up, he ends up in the time-out chair, where he falls asleep. In his dream, he learns the secret of the Greatness Chair and brings his newfound wisdom back to his parents.
The Greatness Chair Solution
Are you a parent, teacher or therapist who is overwhelmed by the challenges faced in guiding children despite your best efforts?  Do you find it hard to handle your own reactions in the face of intense children?  Are you trying to stay connected despite physical and emotional exhaustion?  Or are you just looking for a way to notch up your success?
The Greatness Chair Solution: A Guidebook for Parents and Teachers is a revolutionary eight-week program to bring out the unique strengths of children and adults with a simple yet profound set of skills based on positive psychology, neuroscience, somatic experience, and the emerging field of neurocardiology. This is a fun, interactive method that is strength-based and meets the objectives of social-emotional learning, so vital for success in today's world. Weekly activities for both children and parents/teachers rapidly build stronger relationships, inner emotional strength, and resilience.
The Stoic Cop
There's no doubt that law enforcement comes with its immense stress.  Sometimes it feels like our world is nothing but chaos; chaos at home due to stressors at work, chaos at work due to the stressors at home, but mainly the chaos we make for ourselves from unnecessary, falsely perceived stress. But what if you could control all that by simply adopting the virtues of the stoic philosophy? Stoicism teaches how to find inner peace amid the chaos of our perceived external world.  With a mixture of stoic aphorisms and personal stories, The Stoic Cop explains how it is possible to  handle the daily stress and chaos of law enforcement with a little mind control.  Learn to bridge the gap between police and citizen relationships, deal with difficult people, navigate department politics, and more. Learn to control your perceptions, opinions, and emotions and become a better, more virtuous police officer. Most importantly, control your perceived chaos.
Walking My Ass Off
If you have ever failed at a diet this book is for you. If you have struggled to lose weight, inches, or tone, your struggle is over. Losing weight does not have to be costly or complicated. It's not a's walking. Something you already know how to do.

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05/10/19 Kathleen Fried portraits.
Dr. Kathleen Friend, M.D., Child Psychiatrist, Bestselling Children's Author of The Greatness Chair, and Sarah in the Greatness Chair, International S…

Featured Book

The Greatness Chair
Avi is a typical boy having an ordinary day full of corrections and negativity by well-meaning grown-ups. When he reaches his limit and blows up, he ends up in the time-out chair, where he falls asleep. In his dream, he learns the secret of the Greatness Chair and brings his newfound wisdom back to his parents.

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