Set the Example

This short read will cover nine principles that can help shift someone’s mental framework to where it needs to be to accomplish goals and overcome procrastination.  If you need an extra push to accomplish those career and personal goals, this book can help. It is developed as a guide to refer to from time to time when a mental framework shift is needed.



About the Author


Self Help books aren’t really something I read. Usually. I am trying to read more out of my comfort zone. Mills shows not only how he lives his life, but where he has gotten the inspiration from. He includes the books or sites he learned from so the reader can also check out those as well. Mills isn’t talking down to the reader or pressing him to follow his example. At times I forgot that I was reading a self-help book. This book would be a great one to share with police officers as well as the military. I would definitely recommend it. 4 STARS – Reviewed by Award Winning Author, Shannon Simpson


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