A Champion is Born

She was just a newborn puppy but her mother Tanzi saw something special deep inside of her pup. There was courage, and confidence, along with passion and purpose. Tanzi also saw a healthy measure of wisdom. Smiling to herself Tanzi knew that her pup had the heart of a champion.



About the Author

T. S. Koelling

Ts Koelling is an award-winning, best-selling author who owns the WMP Multi-Media Network. With a storyteller's heart, she crafts tales for children that are long-remembered and read-often because children love her characters.


A Champion is Born Reviews

Great little book. About a champion I knew. – Reviewed by Richard Griffin via Amazon

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Cover Design- The cover is colorful and eye catching. The dog would draw a child’s attention to the book. 5 STARS

Concept: T.S. Koelling has found a unique way to teach children that no matter what they do or don’t do in life, they have the heart of a champion. Using children’s love of dogs as a teaching mechanism while telling an amazing story is a unique way to catch children’s attention. 5 STARS

Plot/Subplot: The plot of this book is about Vanna and how she learns to become an award-winning champion. The subplot is teaching Vanna and children, that they have a heart of a champion. 5 STARS

Character Development: Koelling introduces her characters in a way easily understood by children. She describes Vanna and Tanzi by talking about what needs to be done for the competition. 5 STARS

Entertainment Level: I read this to my six-year-old grandson. He loved it! We were both entertained. We can’t wait for the next one in this series. 5 STARS

Overall, I give A Champion is Born 5 STARS- – Reviewed by Award Winning Author, Shannon Simpson

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How do you find the heart of a champion? Only a mother knows. When Tanzi had her puppies, she just knew one of her babies was special. It's a feeling a mother has when she watches her puppies playing, sleeping, and even eating. A champion will stand out from all others. A champion will go above and beyond to please their humans and enjoy it while doing it.

This is a cute little story for bedtime or anytime you want a quick read. A Champion is Born is truly inspirational. – – Reviewed by Carol

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Afghan hound Tanzi knew her daughter, Vanna, was special, a future champion. Tanzi taught Vanna all that a champion needed to know. Lessons in life that all future champions need.

This beautifully illustrated book is filled with wisdom for all children of all ages. Life skills taught simply and sincerely without the frequently found "preachiness". A quick read with a large impression. Make sure you read the extras. – – Reviewed by Janet

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The Heart of A Champion Series, A Champion is Born, teaches small children to be the best they can be even if things don't go exactly how they planned it’s okay to be who you are inside. These wonderful books will help your child blossom into who they are. – – Reviewed by Michelle


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