Before the BADGE

Dominick Izzo has been a thorn in the side of Police Command since his first Police Department when he refused to accept the status quo of allowing village officials and police commanding officers to operate with the falsehood that they were above the same law he swore to uphold.

Having served as a police officer from 2001 until 2016. He served with full distinction and full disobedience for corruption.

Izzo took on the challenges of the command of all three of the departments he was sworn to serve, never sitting by and watching the politics of the system work against the citizens or the officers who were subject to such corrupt members.

From refusing to sleep with a village official, to exposing the abuses of power of a village mayor and his father to the sacrificing of his career to take on the most corrupt police chief and his actions, Dominick Izzo honored his oath to the Constitution and those he swore to protect.

Before the Badge is all about just that. Doing what is right, no matter the cost to you personally or professionally. Your name and integrity are what matters the most in a profession of sharks who’ll eat their own, proving that the Thin Blue Line is stuff movies are made of when it comes to any officer who challenges those who threaten the ideals law enforcement is held to.

Considered an emotional “how-to” for the street cop, Before the Badge is a must-read for anyone who is a cop, knows a cop or has dreams of becoming a cop and wants their badge to shield and protect their own heart.



About the Author

Dominick Izzo

Unafraid, unapologetic and unstoppable.
Dominick Izzo is a former 16-year veteran police officer, public servant, public speaker, author, candidate who ran to be Chicago’s Sheriff, national radio host and Warrior for Christ.
His passion and mission is healing police community relations and modeling the oath he swore when taking on the responsibility of wearing the badge. Izzo believes his greatest service is to God and in serving his community he is living the calling that he was made for.
Having received numerous honors, awards and serving as media liaison for numerous networks such as MTV and the BBC while serving as a police officer in his community, it is Izzo’s goal to bridge the gap between the police and the public through education, empowerment and respect. This is the mission of Officer Dominick Izzo through his continued years of public service. Reaching people through daily contact, social media and traveling the country to deliver the message on the true nature of being a cop, Officer Dominick Izzo is passionate about selfless service to our fellow man.
“As a Warrior, I struggle and battle with my inner wars that no one knows of, daily. In that sense, we are all Warriors together and it is my passion to help others see themselves as such.
But before all that, I am one of the most unafraid, unapologetic and unwavering Christian men you will ever know. My Faith drives me toward success in all my goals in life, none greater than that of achieving my fullest potential as a servant to God and everyone I meet.
I truly believe that faith is found in action and my action is in the service of my community as a police officer, the greatest profession in the world which allows me the opportunity to be the best man I was called to be.
I look forward to sharing my journey in Faith, Combat and Fitness with you and wish you all the very best in continued love and success in yours.”
-Dominick Izzo


Before the BADGE Reviews

Dominick Izzo speaks volumes of truth in this book. Whether you want to become a police officer or are a supporter of officers or just an average citizen looking for insight. Go no further, read this book, and really sit back and ingest the information that is brought forth by Dominick Izzo.
It has opened my eyes even more to what officer’s deal with and the battles that they have to deal with on a daily basis.
Being that I was raised around police officers as a kid because of my mother and her being a dispatcher for a couple police departments. I saw a lot that I never understood. After reading this book I have a better understanding of what those officers went thru back then. Which they still go thru to this day and will go thru. Dominick Izzo speaks volumes of honest truth about what he has seen. And I know this firsthand because I have met him in person. What you get in his book is what you get face to face. He speaks truth and honesty which speaks volumes about him as a person. And he opens up unlike those that are in the brotherhood/thin blue line protectors who keep this to themselves.
This book is a must read by those wanting to be an officer, those who are officers, and those that support officers. – Reviewed by David Dutkiewixz via Amazon

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I have been a follower/supporter of Dominick Izzo since his infamous video of “What it really means when you thank a cop” video. He is raw, but incredibly honest in what he thinks and says. His integrity is unmatched and is a shining example of what this world needs more of. I’ve always had a great deal of respect for law enforcement. They put on that uniform each day not knowing what that day will bring. “Before the Badge” is a fantastic look into that window. I couldn’t put it down. It made me laugh and cry. It also puts into perspective what it truly means to be a police officer and the love you should have for your fellow man. A glimpse into the corruption that can and does happen in the higher command. To serve and protect and set aside your emotions from call to call. A great read for anyone looking into a career in law enforcement or someone like myself, just wanting to see a little more into their world. I can’t wait to read the second book! – Reviewed by Rottielover via Amazon

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Before the Badge is very well written. It pulls no punches. If you are considering becoming a cop you should read this book. Even if you have no interest in police work this book still has many life lessons. And you get an idea of what police endure on a daily basis. Excellent! – Reviewed by Cecelia Slossser via Amazon

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Awesome book. Spot on as he states on his show. Great read. Highly recommend! –Reviewed by Thomas via Amazon

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Received my copy of the book and mind blown. So far, I'm up to chapter 7. Let me tell you, the man is absolutely right in a lot of ways. He's saying 90% of what cops all around want to say or thinking. Looking forward to finishing the rest of the book. – Reviewed by Edwin Westbrook via Amazon

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I am not remotely brave enough to be a cop or even a police officer, but this book has a great many lessons that should be applied to anyone's life that has an impact on other people. -Reviewed by Mike via Amazon

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Why would one want to be a cop and what does it entail? Dominick Izzo was a cop for almost two decades. He was a man of integrity, one who would not yield to the pressure of police staff or politicians. This is his story filled with his views of the inside of a cop's life.

Highly informative and filled with the insight of a cop, Dominick Izzo's book gives us the real picture, not sugar-coated candy. It is tough, gritty, and sometimes unpalatable. Just swallow. Izzo alludes to cases he has a personal interest in, several cases. Izzo, we are blown away by your book and can hardly wait to hear about the cases you didn't tell us about. – Reviewed by Janet

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Everything You Need to Know Before Becoming a Cop

It says it all in the heading, everything you need to know before becoming a cop. Even if you don't it's very informative. Dominick Izzo puts himself out there as to what you need to do and not do.

He has given you some cold realities he faced that you could too. He gives us facts of good along with bad and some insight into some corruption. To him it was more than just a job, it's a way of life and living. I found it to be a bit of an eye-opener and a very good book. –Reviewed by Carol


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