Fertilizer for the funnybone Series bundle

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About the Author

Gary Guest

“Meet Gary Guest.  His family and friends consider him a storyteller.  And now this storyteller is anxious to share his tales with the rest of the world.  In this, his first offering, “Fertilizer For The Funnybone,” Guest hopes to induce laughter from all its readers.  Some of the short stories and anecdotes will make you think and reflect on a simpler time not that many years ago.  Almost all of the content you find here centers around Guest’s agricultural life.
Gary and his wife Denise have called southern Illinois home all their lives in and around Washington County.  There they have raised four children and ten grandkids (so far).  Their small grain and cattle farm sustains their family and faith first lifestyle and creates more than enough incidents for the author to make fun of himself.  Gary loves making new friends and is fond of saying, “I have friends all over the world…Most of them I just haven’t met yet.”
You’ll make a new friend when you laugh along with Fertilizer For The Funnybone.


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