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On October 10, 1997, Jeff Morris attempted suicide for the first time. Over the next decade, Jeff would attempt five more times and think about suicide more times than he could count. Mental illness cost Jeff his career and his marriage, but it did not cost him his life. This book was written to help others like Jeff who have dealt with serious mental illness learn from what he has been through in his life.



About the Author

Jeffery Morris

Dr. Jeffrey Morris is a retired educator. Jeff was a math teacher and high school principal for twenty years. For the last decade he has been teaching how to prevent suicide in schools across the Midwest. He also has been a part-time bartender for about seven years.

Jeff lives in St. Louis with his two dogs, Griff, and Clarice. He has two children, Chloe, and Quinn, who are his greatest accomplishment.

In his spare time, Jeff likes to read, write, work out, watch movies and sports, and quote Seinfeld.



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