My Brother’s Keeper Relearning to live with PTSD

Being ambushed and shot changed me. The event and the experiences after made me question some of my most tightly held beliefs about who I was and what I believed. I felt as though I was a stranger onto myself.

My motivations for this writing are as much selfish as they are altruistic. I do not promise anything more than an account of my experiences and the emotions surrounding those experiences.

I found a path I believe we all can use to find peace. I hope others can use my experiences to find their individual path to healing.

If we can reach just one…



About the Author

Jeremy Sharlow

Jeremy Scharlow earned both his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield. He is medically retired from the Mahomet Police Department where he served as a patrol officer for over ten years and as a METRO SWAT operator for nine. After his on-duty shooting, he began advocating for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder awareness in the law enforcement community.


By Brother’s Keeper Reviews

Easy to understand and read. Attention grabbing and, for me, it was a page turner. This is honestly the first book I've read all the way through in decades. Jeremy, a former LEO, takes you through his continued journey of ups, downs, good, bad and the truth while struggling with depression and PTSD. He exposes some real truths about being backed (or not) by the blue. I highly encourage you take some time and give My Brother's Keeper a read. – Reviewed by M.D. via Amazon

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The author of this book is a former LEO and was shot while on duty. This is his story on how he dealt and still deals with PTSD. This book was well written. – Reviewed by Bellamom via Amazon

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I think this is the first book I've been able to read all the way through since that really long dark Harry Potter book years ago. – Reviewed by Alyssa via Amazon

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Great book. The author is wonderful. A must read!!! – Reviewed by Grein C. via Amazon

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How one incident changed a man's life. The terrifying ups and downs with emotional everyday battles of extreme P.T.S.D. Amazing inspiration giving hope for healing other people with P.T.S.D. Mentions the importance of opening up to find support and coping skills per individual.

From the knowledge and understanding I gained from this book, I was able to help a dear friend of mine, deal with her P.T.S.D. There are people out here, wherever you are that do care. – Reviewed by Amanda

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You never know until you have it happen to you. Very gripping and eye-opening to law enforcement personal traumas and experiences. Just goes to show they are human and can be traumatized by events that happen in the line of duty. A real heart opener to the ups and downs, losses, and addictions that PTSD can have on anyone, and the struggles to regain somewhat normalcy in life again. Well, almost normalcy it never really goes away. Great read. – Reviewed by Ann

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By Jeremy Scharlow Jeremy Scharlow has opened his heart to those who suffer from PTSD. Autobiographical this book not only tells of Jeremy's own fight with PTSD it tells us how to get help for this crippling condition. Through his ups and downs, Jeremy directs us and encourages us. If you have PTSD or if you know someone, who does you need to read this book. It will open your eyes. - - Reviewed by Paula

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My Brother’s Keeper is an insightful account of an officer's battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that stemmed from an on-duty shooting he was involved in. And his life continued to be affected while trying to obtain physical and mental health care. As well as dealing with the nightmares of the shooting reoccurring often and the struggles he went through with drinking to numb the pain. And how he felt when he was found by other survivors like him and shown support. This book really helped me to realize some of the struggles with PTSD and avenues that help can be obtained. I really found it informative and open when dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. -- Reviewed by Michelle

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My Brother's Keeper is a book based upon a police officer who struggles with PTSD. This man shares his struggles with others in hopes to help them heal the pain they have in their everyday lives by sharing his newfound way to deal with the everyday struggles of having PTSD. This book is an inspiration to help others live life through the struggles of PTSD. Others should enjoy this book as much as I did. -- Reviewed by Carol

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PTSD has reached epidemic proportions in the USA. This tale starts with Jeremy, a decorated police officer and swat team operator, being shot by a man whose main reason for living is to kill him. Suffering from debilitating wounds and PTSD Jeremy turns to alcohol to hide his condition. Slowly with help, he recovers and now shares with others in the hope he can reach one person.

My Brother’s Keeper Relearning to Live with PTSD is a must-read for anyone with PTSD. No sugar coating or platitudes, this is the real deal. Beware of the photos in the back. You will be upset but admire Jeremy just that much more! -- Reviewed by JJ

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P.T.S.D. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it is serious, and it is real. As you may already know there are many degrees of P.T.S.D. How do you know if you have it? What can be done about it? Jeremy might be able to help you out. This is his experience, how he got it, where it took him, and how he survived.

Do you ever get over P.T.S.D.? Is there a way to get past it? Read about Jeremy for the answer to a lot of your questions. I'm sure you will find it worth your time, it was for me. -Tiffany


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