Confidence Unleashed: Be the Unstoppable Hero of Your Own Heart

Be the unstoppable hero of your own heart.

Have you ever felt the crippling weight of self-doubt overshadowing your abilities?

Have you forgotten your innate power and the divine blueprint of your existence?

Join Lanie D’Souza on a transformative journey, with over two decades of experience empowering thousands of women to embrace self-trust and body love. This path unveils the proud strength of self-compassion, the beauty of gratitude, and the revelation of your authentic self. Embrace the transformative trinity of kindness in your words, thoughts, and actions. Trust in the process as the struggle paints the portrait of your higher self. At its core, gratitude nurtures mind, body, and spirit.

It’s time to take the first ride to embrace your past, build your confidence, and unleash your true



About the Author

Laine D’Souza

Laine D’Souza was born and raised in Hong Kong. Educated in England and earned a BA from The University of Wales. She believes all her travels make her A Child of The Universe and her home is where her family is. Laine lived in New York City where she worked as an actress, and as a certified personal trainer, and has been working in the fitness industry for the last twenty-three-plus years.

If she isn’t spending time with family, you can almost always find her around her sweet Black Lab, Ninja, or her other five equally sweet dogs writing her books. Laine can be found on her Ranch with her husband, two kids, dogs, a horse, chickens, and cows.  Laine and her husband are busy building their ranch from the ground up; from building fence lines and feeding baby cows to creating RanchFit Retreats.

Laine is on a mission to help people remember who they are, and the keys to taking action towards creating daily habits to overcome debilitating self-doubt. She is also passionate about bridging the gap to help local ranchers, farmers, and artisans sell their produce, by raising people's awareness of where their food comes from and how it is produced and raised, in order to make healthier choices.


Five Stars

D’ Souza has a unique way of going about her fitness. After years of seeing nothing but flaws, when she looked in the mirror, she began to see things differently. D’Souza writes a letter to herself. At first, I thought this was slightly weird, but then I realized what she was doing. It's a good idea. By writing the letter, you will see the good and the bad things about your body. Are there really any bad things though? Do you see the flaws because you see them, or are you seeing them because someone else has pointed them out to you?

When I first started reading this book, I wasn't sure I would see anything but my flaws when looking in the mirror. I took a step back and pondered this as I went back to D’Souza’s book. I'm not really a self-help kind of person, nor do I like to read self-help books. Exercise really isn’t my thing either, but there was something about this book that pulled me in. D’Souza teaches you how to look at the positive when looking in the mirror instead of the negative.

Bullies are always going to be out there. Stop letting them control the way you see yourself. Love you. Love your body. D’Souza writes about how she went from being unhappy with her body to finding the good that was there all along. D’Souza is not afraid to tell you how she found her self-confidence.

This book is a must-read. You will find yourself questioning all you have thought about yourself as well as the journey that led you to the you are now. Be prepared to question all you’ve known about why you have thought a certain way about yourself.

I found this book to be inspirational. It really does make you stop and think and then after you do so, it helps you to find ways to see yourself the way you truly are. Great job Laine D’Souza! Definitely a  STAR read! -Reviewed by Award-Winning Author, Shannon Simpson.

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