The Bully

Spike is mean and thinks it’s fun to treat people badly. Then he has a bad dream that shows him what his what his life will soon be like. Find out what Spike learned from his bad dream about what happens to bullies.


About the Author

Carole Lathrop Moeller

Carole Lathrop Moeller was an educator for 60 years and is now retired. When she is not spending time with her cats and dogs, she is playing in the dirt. Some call this gardening.
When not doing volunteer work, she reads and paints watercolor scenes of animals, landscapes, and old barns. Carole loves the outdoors and the change of seasons, especially Fall. Halloween is her favorite holiday because she says, “you can make mischief and not get into trouble!”


The Bully Reviews


Cover Design- The cover is colorful enough to catch the eye amongst the thousands of other children’s books. 5 STARS

Concept- Bullying is not a new concept, but the way Carole Moeller takes it on breathes new life into the subject. Spike is someone most children can relate to in some way or other. 5 STARS

Plot/Subplot- Boy bullies others, then realizes from a dream that there are consequences. A unique way to teach children about bullying as well as what happens from your actions.

Character Development- In a children’s book, deep diving into the characters can take too much from the story. Carole Moeller has a way of showing you the characters without a lot of unneeded words. 5 STARS

Entertainment Level- Children will love this book. It will teach them that bullying is bad but also teach them what the consequences to their actions are. It will entertain them and make them want to learn more. 5 STARS -Reviewed by Award Winning Author Shannon Simpson


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