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Jeremy Sharlow

About The Author

Jeremy Scharlow earned both his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Illinois at Springfield. He is medically retired from the Mahomet Police Department where he served as a patrol officer for over ten years and as a METRO SWAT operator for nine. After his on-duty shooting, he began advocating for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder awareness in the law enforcement community.

Published Books

My Brother’s Keeper Relearning to live with PTSD
Being ambushed and shot changed me. The event and the experiences after made me question some of my most tightly held beliefs about who I was and what I believed. I felt as though I was a stranger onto myself. My motivations for this writing are as much selfish as they are altruistic. I do not promise anything more than an account of my experiences and the emotions surrounding those experiences. I found a path I believe we all can use to find peace. I hope others can use my experiences to find their individual path to healing. If we can reach just one…
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