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Donna Rabenort

About The Author

Author Donna Rabenort fell in love with children’s books while she was working in the K-6 libraries of her sons’ school district, and actually wrote Mom and I Disagree in the teacher’ s workroom. She and her husband live in southern Illinois and have two grown sons.

Published Books

Mom and I Disagree
Moms and kids disagree on a lot of issues. After one particular morning full of disagreements over just about everything, this book was written by a stressed-out mom and deals with the debates over bedtime, chores, bicycling rules, and movie choices.  While trying to understand why so many rules exist, the child in the book realizes the rules are in place for his safety and health, and because he is loved. Parents everywhere can relate to disagreements over family rules.  Hopefully, as parents read Mom and I Disagree with their children they can reassure their children that the rules of their home are made out of concern and love.
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