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While mowing at my rental property I mowed into a hive that was in the ground hidden by tall grass. I was stung too many times to count. As I began to assess the stings, I noticed some hurt far more than others. Upon closer examination, I saw the ones that were hurting the most were the ones that still had the stinger in my skin. Slowly I began to remove the stingers but when I began to get ill from the stings, I knew that I had to get assistance fast.

After the emergency had passed, I began to learn the lesson from this horrible experience. You will get stung in life, by people, relationships, business deals, your own expectations, and yes…maybe even bees. The main thing to remember is to ALWAYS get the stinger out as soon as possible. Stingers left in will cause infections and extensive-lasting pain. When someone hurts you, get the stinger out immediately! Don’t let their words or actions stay injected into your heart or mind! Removing the stinger does not excuse the person it just means you will heal a little faster and endure less pain.


Writers…stingers will hurt your productivity and flavor your writing. Get those stingers out, heal your heart and then write from a position of power and experience.