The Custodian Breaking the Circle

In the Custodian: Circle of Sorrow we find out who the Custodian is. Now we find out why 67A Broughton Road has trapped souls within its walls for almost three centuries. Can the newest occupant, Lydia, a woman in hiding from spousal abuse by a barrister specializing in spousal abuse, and ghosthunter, Irving Stofferson, break the circle and end the misery surrounding the house? And what do the Pendle Witches, the demon of wealth and a rogue seraph have to do with the place? Open the book and find out. It will not disappoint.



About the Author

C A Middleton

C? He’s just a loony Yorkshire dude, proud father, and Pop-pop, with many voices in her skull screaming for time on a page. To paraphrase the words of Jim Morrison, he has lived a life you could make a movie on. He has worked as a chef, drilled for oil in the raging North Sea, and worked in TV and film. However, he did have to decline work as an escort some years back. No judgment. Just not him. True story.

These days, he’s a gym rat in between trying to find homes for three other books he has scribbled. When your cholesterol's eleven, you have little choice but to dump that lazy life to pick things up and put them back down again and again...


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The Custodian Circle of Sorrows
One socially inept man lost in the past and looking for love. One nameless lady ghost lost in the present and trapped inside his new home. One shared connection neither understand: until it's too late. Will either break the circle of sorrows?
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