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C A Middleton

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I live in a funny little town, full of surreal folk, and with a princess who is not fond of peas. I have written short stories since before my birth and am now I’m all growed up and wish to write books for bigger hands. I am currently editing the first of many fantasy books following the antics of Merlin and his mentor, Gheras the Wise. I am also writing the sequel to this little ghost story, which follows Ghost Hunter, Irving Stofferson, as he uncovers how 67a Broughton Road came to be. The Ghost Hunter has his own little blog now. Come visit and share your ghost stories: irvingstoffersonghosthunter.wordpress.com My short stories and poems are stored on here and here If you wish to read stories to your children, I write under the name Carrot-phack Singleton and reach the top of Kindle’s children’s chart with Jacob Bear’s First Christmas.

Published Books

The Custodian Circle of Sorrows
One socially inept man lost in the past and looking for love. One nameless lady ghost lost in the present and trapped inside his new home. One shared connection neither understand: until it's too late. Will either break the circle of sorrows?

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