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William H. Adams

About The Author

I was born and raised in Mount Vernon, Illinois. I was raised by my loving parents and my grandmother Dorothy who always believed in me and taught me many lessons that I used to this very day.  I am currently attending Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville to become an English teacher and hopefully help my writing ability to grow in the process. I began writing at a young age to cope with many problems I dealt with in my everyday life such as my battles with Anorexia Nervosa, something that has shaped me to become a better person over time. I like writing because of the endless possibilities it can bring and what used to be a fun way to pass the time is now a way to let my story be heard and read by people everywhere. I have spent years writing the stories that make up “ Before the Past Escapes Us” and with this being my first ever published book, I believe this may lead to new possibilities for me as not only a writer but as a person.

Published Books

Before the Past Escapes Us
A compilation of short stories where characters search deep within themselves to confront the life changing events of their past that have led them to the present. A fiction book ranging across many genres from horror to lighthearted comedy.
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