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Nick Dewhurst

About The Author

Nick Dewhurst was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan but moved to Ontario Canada when he was adopted at 5-years old by his aunt and uncle. As a teenager his family moved down to the sugar white sandy beaches of Northwest Florida and he now resides in Lillian, Alabama. Nick works for a leading technology company as a fraud prevention specialist but in his spare time he volunteers as the Fire Chief of Lillian Fire Rescue, serves his country in the United States Navy Reserve as a chaplain and he is a husband to Karen and a father to three wonderful children.  

Published Books

I’ve Finally Lost It

When Nick Dewhurst experienced the ending of a friendship, he felt a great sense of loss and grief. With I’ve Finally Lost It, Nick takes a look at many different types of grief that often go overlooked. Many books will focus on the loss of a parent or loss of a spouse, while this book covers those topics it also dives into some very personal stories regarding the loss of a job, a pet, a best friend, faith and even an entire identity.

Nick leverages all his experiences as a United States Navy chaplain, firefighter, youth pastor, father, and husband to demonstrate that many types of grief and loss are common to everyone. Instead of reading this book through the eyes of a counselor or psychiatrist, you can read it as if you’re on a journey with a new friend.

These emotionally written short stories combined with humor and scriptural truth use a personal touch to help anyone experiencing all types of loss know that they are not alone as they walk their path of grief.
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