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Michael S. Rogers

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Jesus-follower, husband, father of four, disciple-maker, and content creator, Michael S. Rogers is a veteran church leader, a frustrated-but-faithful follower, and a believer in the power of transformation for individuals and for the church.

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The foundation of our faith determines our practice of it. Followers of Jesus today have the benefit—and the hindrance—of hindsight. Looking back from this side of the cross, it’s easy to understand the benefits of our salvation. Is it enough to know we are saved from our sins? How would it feel to experience the Good News from the beginning? Would it change how we represent Jesus today if we were also saved to something?
We love Jesus, no question about that. Church? Frustrating sometimes, isn’t it? We know gathering with other believers is important, but many of us are suffering from PTSD: Post-Traumatic Sanctuary Disorder. Is there a practical path forward for frustrated believers both outside and inside the structure of today’s church? What motivates us to pursue a revival of the mission we have been given?
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