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M. T. Meyer

About The Author

M. T. Meyer has always loved reading and writing, especially anything involving history. Even in childhood, weaving stories was a special gift. Hailing from the deep South, a place chock-full of history, Meyer enjoys traveling and taking in the latest movies and music. With a degree in English, Meyer has edited and written for two publications, as well as spearheaded a writing circle for fellow writers.

Published Books

Gold City
The War of Rebellion is over. The great expansion to the west has begun. It is frontier, not of just land, but of heart and spirit. Only the strongest survive. This is the saga of a town of individuals who refused to give up, their struggles chronicled, their joy and despair a written word. There is the doctor, new to the town, a man with a secret and a price on his head. There is the sheriff, a man who knows his best days are behind him. There is the blacksmith, a freed slave, who along with his wife seeks validation in a white world. There is the madam whose heart is as big as the west. There is the wife whose husband may be the devil himself. There is the friend who choses to be only that. There is the tomboy who captures the soul of a warrior. A town, new, and on the verge of legend. The place – Gold City.
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