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Laura J. Wellington co-founded Wellington Consulting Company and Wellington Financial Systems with her late husband, Dean R. Wellington.  Wellington would go on to create The Wumblers, an award-winning preschool television series and educational brand as well as write several adult and children’s books, including most recently Jasper’s Giant Imagination (series), soon to be translated to video by ameba. Wellington is a highly recognized blogger, whose posts have appeared in a variety of media and entertainment outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, THRIVE GLOBAL, SIFFAR, The Good Men Project, Medium, Better After Fifty, Emerging Ed Tech, and The Huffington Post among others.  Her post “The Exclusive Club Club Sheryl Sandberg Never Intended To Join,” offering valuable advice about widowhood to Sandberg and all widows, went viral and culminated in a publicly recognized response by Sheryl Sandberg featured in the Daily Mail. Wellington is the founder of the popular celebrity-lifestyle blog THREAD MB, where she has interviewed names like Andrea Bocelli, “Secretary of Housing and Urban Development” Dr. Ben Carson, Colin Mochrie, Loni Love, Usain Bolt, TobyMac, Dick Cavett, Aasif Mandvi, Chef Robert Irvine and many more.  She is a TEDx Speaker as well, “What’s She Got That I Don’t?” (TEDxWilmingtonLive).

Published Books

Be Careful What You Wish For
Evie wished for an uncommon love.  What she got was otherworldly...and a man named Rick Remington.  He’d open her eyes to much more than a life of wealth and privilege.  He’d help her see a bond that crossed all boundaries when facing the unimaginable.  Then find herself again as she answered the very statement that set their time together in motion -- “Be Careful What You Wish For.”
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