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Keavin was born in 1960 and raised on a farm in western Kentucky. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Kentucky (Lexington) in 1983. That same year he married the love of his life and best friend Lisa Booth, his wife now of 37 years. After a short career in the pharmaceutical industry the Hayden’s, then with 4 daughters, followed a calling into family ministry devoted to sharing with others the love of Christ. Since 2004, Keavin has been active as a certified Real Estate Appraiser and licensed Sales Agent. Today, the Hayden’s continue their lifelong quest of better understanding God’s wonderful plan of salvation as revealed through His written word – the Bible. Why Israel is the latest effort to share their conviction of God’s divine will to save the world.

Published Books

Why Israel
“The idea of Israel as a nation is an emotionally charged topic. The mere mention of its name can easily set off demonstrations, sometimes resulting in violence and even all-out war. But Why Israel? What is it about this tiniest of countries sitting in the midst of massive Middle Eastern nations that constantly seems to keep the world sitting on the edge of its seat? How did it get there, and for what purpose does it exist? These are age-old questions this book seeks to answer. It is not an attempt to solve any current political, religious, or social perplexities, nor a desire to advocate on behalf of Jews, Palestinians, or Christians living in the region. No, what you are about to read is simply an honest attempt to explain from the Bible how, and why, Israel appears continually in world affairs and conflicts.”  “Though never mentioned specifically in the Bible, the Star of David is recognized universally as the insignia for modern Judaism. Today it is a symbol of great pride among the Hebrew people, but during War World II Adolf Hitler forced Jews to wear it as a “badge of shame” designed to racially profile their identities. The First Zionist Congress in 1897 chose the star as the central emblem for the flag of the future State of Israel. Just 51 years later the new nation of Israel was born on May 14, 1948, thus establishing the first Jewish state in nearly 2,000 years. But where did Israel come from? And what is the significance of their reappearance on the world’s political and religious stage? In his book WHY ISRAEL? author Keavin Hayden takes his readers on a spiritual journey through time, uncovering the history of this ancient people, and demonstrating how the existence of Israel will affect the future of everyone living on our planet.”
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