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John W. Gibson

About The Author

John is the award-winning author of six books, a lifelong resident of northwest Florida, and a teacher, minister, and chaplain in the Navy Reserves. He enjoys reading, exercising, and spending time with his family.

Published Books

Soul Sanctum
Jayce Leonard, formerly a football coach at his high school alma mater, has now moved on to the college ranks. Now he coaches at Yearwood State University where he once starred as a collegiate quarterback. Life is good for Jayce: a great job, a supportive and thriving family, and good relationships with those he works with. And yet, as a scandal begins to surface and rock his beloved football program, Jayce’s character will be tested in a way never before experienced. The sequel to John Gibson’s award-winning Soul Sprints, Soul Sanctum will have you cheering for the home team like never before.
After years of alcohol abuse, Raldo Cisneros, a former Marine, is desperate to rekindle his strained relationship with his young daughter. He gets back on his feet and begins working security for a billionaire financier only to discover a dark secret that he feels may cost him his soul. Through the help of his former Navy chaplain - a suffering soul in his own right - Raldo comes to face-to-face with the decision of his life and will be forced to risk it all for those he loves most.  By John Gibson 
Soul Sprints

"Lake Barrow, Florida is a small, central Florida farming community which prides itself on loving three things: faith, family, and the mighty Spartans of Sims County High. The tiny Bible-belt town is also home to a long-standing feud between two of its most prominent families, the Gills and the Danforths.


Jayce Leonard is a hometown football hero from Lake Barrow who is all too familiar with the Gill-Danforth controversy. After achieving success as a college quarterback at a small university, Jayce is called home in 2003 to coach at his alma mater at the age of twenty-four, making him the youngest high school head coach in the state of Florida. However, he soon finds himself squarely in the middle of his hometown’s checkered history again as he seeks to start a family and successfully lead his beloved Spartans on the gridiron. Alongside him is his college teammate and best friend, Soul Rasheed. "Coach Soul," as he is known to the team, is a Muslim and former favorite receiving target of Jayce's whose enthusiasm and charisma quickly endear him to the players. However, Soul's presence in Lake Barrow - along with his faith - soon generates fresh strife in the midst of the ongoing discord that has plagued Jayce’s small town for years.


Soul Sprints is a football tale of love, friendship, tolerance, and the ties of family and community that bind, even in the unceasing presence of bitterness and prejudice in post-9/11 America."

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