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Elizabeth Sprehe

About The Author

Elizabeth Sprehe grew up in a small town where there was very little to do. To pass the time a way she began to doodle, this soon developed into the amazing gift of rhyme. After years of jotting down her poems Elizabeth has finally gained the confidence to share them with you. Please applaud her for  publishing her first book  A New Song at age 79.

Published Books

Who Am I

Who am I,  I asked myself

I do not always know

Somedays I try to be another girl

Someone in fancy clothes.

I curl my hair all up

I put on my paint and then

I paste a smile upon my lips

Pretend I’m all-a-grin.

The whole world sees me just like this

All nice and pretty-secure.

But Lord, you see the inward parts

The heart and mind impure.

Thank you, Lord, for sending your dear Son

He cleansed and made me whole

I am your child, You’re my God

That’s all I need to know,

A New Song
A New Song is a compilation of Christian Poetry penned over Elizabeth’s lifetime. This is her first published book and we hope she will share many more with us as her gift is truly from up above.

A Brand New Song

I will not pass this way again

Nor tarry here too long

I’m going to another place

A place where I belong.

A land where milk and honey flow

And the streets are paved with gold

Where there will be no pain or death

Where I will not grow old.

There I will meet my Savior

And those who’ve gone before

We’ll worship God and sing His praise

Christ Jesus whom we adore.

When I see the pearly gates open

I will hear Him call to me

I’ll look beyond the Jordan’s bank

And His radiant face I’ll see.

I will not be down-hearted

I will shout a brand new song

I will be upon the golden shore

Upon the brand new morn.

So please don’t cry don’t shed one tear

I can’t tarry here too long

Cause I’m going to another place

A place where I belong.

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