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Dr. Howard W. Fisher

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Dr. Fisher is a natural physician specializing in Anti-Aging medicine. This highly sought after lecturer is on a mission to educate and enlighten the world about the toxic factors that exist in our environment and their direct relationship to our health and functional metabolism. He lectures at Medical Anti-Aging Conferences, medical schools and health conferences worldwide, making both professionals and the public aware of the omnipresent threats present in our immediate environment that affect the rate at which we age and gives insightful plans of remediation. “The goal of anti-aging physicians is to optimize the physiological function of the body. In an effort to help people move from the chronological clock to the physiological clock, we must find a way to diminish the harmful environmental factors. If our current food chain gave us nutrition, our incidence of disease would be much lower.” He has special interests in anti-aging, immunology, electromagnetic radiation and nutrition, and this researching author acts as a consultant and educator for several multi-national nutritional companies and has advised several governments on electromagnetic radiation effects.  Dr. Fisher lectures internationally on anti-aging, nutrition, wellness, and immunology.  He has written scores of articles for trade publications and is a featured guest on many radio and television broadcasts.  In addition to authoring nineteen health-oriented books, his research has also been published in peer-reviewed journals.  His books and lectures have been translated into eight languages and are sold in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Published Books

Moringa Oleifera
We have a good idea what the factors are in major diseases, and sadly the solutions to these are absent from our food chain.  For decades we have known that oxidative stress plays a major role in the onset and etiology of diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and neurodegenerative disorders. Sadly this has never been made common knowledge. If you are seeking a solution, some of the answers are inside this book! Do nothing, and your life will continue on the whims of others and enter entropy, however, the decision to take effective action in a proper sequence enabling a proven, predictable formula will allow you to manifest significant change. Continue in those actions, and it will only be a temporal relationship before you achieve the results of that formula: entropy. Which would you rather have? Either can be in your future it all depends on you!    
Moringa Matters
Moringa Matters! The title begs the obvious question, “WHY?” Why have you likely never heard of Moringa? What is this five-thousand-year-old panacea plant? Why did it go missing and vanish from the nutritional horizon? Of course, the most practical question is why is it so critical that we NOW get this plant into our bodies in the most bioavailable enzymatically form possible? The answer is obvious. The food chain has been broken, and whether it has been done deliberately or not, the fact remains that it is. As Dr. Fisher opines, “we have a good idea what are the factors in major diseases and the solutions to these are absent from our food chain.”  The Monsanto lawsuit finding emphasizes this imperative. Moringa Oleifera may, in fact, be the world’s best kept nutritional secret.  Moringa oleifera may be the world’s most phytonutrient dense plant ever discovered. Moringa Matters because it may be the plant that possesses the ability to positively transform the current status of health and decrease the incidence of disease around the world. Moringa Matters because your life and health matter, as do the lives and health of your loved ones. Moringa Matters because this plant was a gift from our wise and loving Creator and perhaps there has never been such a time as this when it was more desperately needed.
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