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Deepak Gupta

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Deepak Gupta is a writer by profession in the technical domain. Apart from technical content writing, he has expertise into book layout designing, pagination, and formatting. He can help you turn your simple manuscript into a professional book in both print and ebook (epub, kindle, and print PDF) formats. He is a big-time foodie and loves to explore authentic recipes (only pure veg.). In his free time, he likes watching comedy TV shows, movies, and listening to music.

Published Books

How To Enter A Writing Contest and Win
Are you an aspiring author who has been writing a short story, a novel, or a children’s book? Maybe you’ve written a recipe guide, business guide, or a fitness book? You can make your journey to becoming an author more comfortable by participating in some writing contests. DARE to subject your work to careful scrutiny and expert review by entering contests. If your work is accepted, you will take the first giant step towards a successful career as an author!
Everything A-Z Coloring and Learning Fun
Bring out the coloring artist of your child while letting them learn A to Z of Animals, Birds, Vegetables, Fruits, and the Wonders of the World. This coloring book for children contains 112 pages keeping your children engaged for more than three months. Coloring the names introduces them to lettering fun. Moreover, we aim to provide children with a chance to learn about what they are coloring by including a short paragraph, providing an introduction of the animals, birds, fruits, vegetables, flowers, in this children's coloring book. So, let your kids color and learn together with their friends.

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