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Carlo Rosati

About The Author

Carlo J. Rosati may not be the first person you would think of when it comes to a book for children. Carlo has been in the field of forensic science for the past thirty-nine years.  He has worked for the FBI and ATF Laboratories on more than 3,900 submissions which included thousands of items of evidence. Carlo has been teaching Forensic examiners and Police Officers during his professional life. He accepted a position as Adjunct Instructor six years ago at the Virginia Commonwealth University where he teaches an under-graduate class in Firearms/Toolmarks for the Forensic Science Department. While passing on the institutional knowledge to In-service and University students are rewarding he wanted to help a younger audience to escape the daily reports of violence in so many locations. This led him to write his story about a train station and the daily events of a rural location. Carlo is proud to say he has great family and friends. He still gets together with his cross country team mates from Kings College for reunions and laugh about the glory days.

Published Books

Washington Junction
Every now and then a place becomes an important part of you the memories you make there linger long after you are grown. Washington Junction is about a very unique train station that has become a special place for many people, trains and even an animal or two.
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