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Bill Mauro

About The Author

Bill Mauro is currently an active law enforcement deputy whose experience spans three agencies in three different states which includes, corrections, patrol operations, investigative operations, specialized units, and task forces. After coming to terms with his personal character flaws and finding the will the be better, he began his studies into philosophy, specifically stoicism, of which his first book is based on; bridging the gap between law enforcement and philosophy. Bill has a bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies from formerly the College of Saint Elizabeth in New Jersey where he is originally from, and is currently working towards his Master’s degree in Justice Administration from the newly coined St. Elizabeth University.

Published Books

The Stoic Cop
There's no doubt that law enforcement comes with its immense stress.  Sometimes it feels like our world is nothing but chaos; chaos at home due to stressors at work, chaos at work due to the stressors at home, but mainly the chaos we make for ourselves from unnecessary, falsely perceived stress. But what if you could control all that by simply adopting the virtues of the stoic philosophy? Stoicism teaches how to find inner peace amid the chaos of our perceived external world.  With a mixture of stoic aphorisms and personal stories, The Stoic Cop explains how it is possible to  handle the daily stress and chaos of law enforcement with a little mind control.  Learn to bridge the gap between police and citizen relationships, deal with difficult people, navigate department politics, and more. Learn to control your perceptions, opinions, and emotions and become a better, more virtuous police officer. Most importantly, control your perceived chaos.
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