The Half-Filled Cup

Pretty sure most of you think I’m going to talk about which perspective you go through life with ½ full or ½ empty, but I’m not!!! So for those who take a moment actually to read this, I hope you make the mistake I did this morning.

I’m a three-cup girl…yep, every morning, it takes three cups to get me going at full speed. This morning I was half done with my first cup, and I mindlessly put it back on the coffee maker, put another k-cup in, and hit the button! Quickly I realized my mistake and grabbed an empty cup to swap with. As I looked at the half-full cup in my hand, I thought this is what life should be like every day….

We should get up and allow our half-filled life to be refilled before it is completely empty. If we did that, we would live the day in the OVERFLOW! Filled with so much energy, inspiration, and ability, nothing that happened to us during the day would be able to empty us because we are over-filled!

Apply that to writing, and you will churn out the books and articles bottled up inside you.

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