The Greatness Chair Solution

Are you a parent, teacher or therapist who is overwhelmed by the challenges faced in guiding children despite your best efforts?  Do you find it hard to handle your own reactions in the face of intense children?  Are you trying to stay connected despite physical and emotional exhaustion?  Or are you just looking for a way to notch up your success?

The Greatness Chair Solution: A Guidebook for Parents and Teachers is a revolutionary eight-week program to bring out the unique strengths of children and adults with a simple yet profound set of skills based on positive psychology, neuroscience, somatic experience, and the emerging field of neurocardiology. This is a fun, interactive method that is strength-based and meets the objectives of social-emotional learning, so vital for success in today’s world. Weekly activities for both children and parents/teachers rapidly build stronger relationships, inner emotional strength, and resilience.



About the Author

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Dr. Kathleen Friend, M.D., Child Psychiatrist, Bestselling Children's Author of The Greatness Chair, and Sarah in the Greatness Chair, International Speaker, Parent, and Heart Rhythm Meditation teacher, is on a mission to help grownups tune into their hearts to see the unique greatness of each child and themselves truly. "I believe this is the best way to move forward in today's world - each person understanding and using their special gifts to contribute to an evolving global community-based in mind and heart."


The Greatness Chair Solution Reviews

A roadmap to human relationships, especially for parents and teachers who want to help children.Kathleen Devorah Friend, MD has created a potent guide for parents and teachers to become the change-makers in their children’s lives. I don’t know how Dr. Friend packed so many profound insights into this short, easy-to-read, book, but I am so grateful that she did.
I think that parents, teachers, sports coaches, afterschool program providers, and pediatricians will benefit from this book, and I recommend buying it with the companion children’s books - The Greatness Chair and Sarah in the Greatness Chair so that the reader can put these ideas into action immediately, which the sweet and gentle tone of the ‘The Greatness Chair Solution’ will inspire one to do. (Spoiler Alert: Although this book is aimed at adult-child connections, the more creative among us will start to apply these methods with all social relationships to great effect - because they work!)
Oftentimes, when great wisdom is involved, a lifetime of experience can be refined into a few very words, such as ‘Buy low, Sell high’ or ‘Eat less, move more’ or ‘Big changes come through repeated small efforts.’ In the world of human relationships, especially those with children, a similar maxim would be, ‘Put the vast majority of you attention on what’s going right.’ The problem we have with applying any of these maxims consistently, is that they go against human biology and much of human culture. Because of this, we have very few role models to learn how to actually do this - ‘The Greatness Chair Solution’ provides a clear, effective, and enjoyable road map on how to actually accomplish this, the way a patient and caring friend would. A roadmap may seem like a small thing compared to GPS programs on our mobile devices, and Dr. Friend is available individually as a mentor in the iamHeart organization based in Tuscon, Arizona, but as someone who learned to drive before GPS was available, compared to a few directions scribbled on a napkin, roadmaps open the way to adventure, self-efficacy, and satisfaction! – Reviewed by Goldberg via Amazon

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 Fabulously helpful book! If you have intense kiddos this is the book for you. The author is a huge proponent of the Nurtured Heart Approach by Howard Glasser and incorporates this process into her book. What follows is a step-by-step process that will guide you by the hand and help you and your child develop a stronger relationship. I’m loving this book! - Reviewed by Writer gal via Amazon

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For ALL Teachers Parents & Therapists. If you have ever been at a total loss to help change a child's (or adult's) behavior, please treat yourself to this Must-read gift. Dr. Friend has created a masterful 8-week loving path. Parties in ANY struggling relationship will be transformed by using Kathleen Friend's easy to follow system. I am thankful to this author for creating solutions in a world where too many have never been acknowledged as special.- Reviewed by Susan Leahy via Amazon

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 Wonderful, Useful, Practical Dr. Friend has done a wonderful job with putting all the information together succinctly. It is easy to understand and to put into use. Great job! I recommend to everyone who has or works with children. I'd say the information is good for adult relationships as well. -Reviewed by Ms. Maryann K. Harman via Amazon

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 Clear, accessible, and well-designed This valuable guidebook provides a succinct and accessible pathway for both parents and educators. Nicely designed in digestible chapters, with pragmatic steps clearly laid out. Also provides good overview of applicable science and describes how this method is consistent with Social Emotion Learning and other approaches widely applied in education. Highly recommended for home and classroom use. -Reviewed by BGC via Amazon

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Get in touch with your best self, so you can bring out the best in children Dr. Friend's kindness, warmth and care for children and the adults who care for them shine through in every page. She brilliantly boils down each concept so the reader can quickly understand and begin to apply it, then provides simple exercises that, when practiced regularly, will help you integrate your heart and mind. If you've ever desired to more consistently show up as your best self for a child in your life, this book is for you.- Reviewed by Marcie via Amazon

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 Amazing parenting info The nurtured heart approach is such a beautiful and attuned way of relationship and Kathleen takes it and makes it that much more practical and powerful by combining all of her experience and other practice of heart rhythm meditation.
Thank you Kathleen for sharing your brilliance with us all! – Reviewed by Gorge Dinkins via Amazon

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 Friend guides us gently, wisely, and confidently. Such a contribution to bring forth the message of the heart through a distinctive, accessible, and beneficial Method. Friend guides us gently, wisely, and confidently. We do it for the children, and in so doing, we do it for ourselves and the planet. -Reviewed by Merl via Amazon

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Bring out the greatness in your kids & yourself! Dr. Friend combines her extensive experience as a child psychiatrist with her training in the Nurtured Heart Approach to create a very doable 7-week program to relate to children in a whole new way. This book is for parents, teachers, grandparents, therapists, and anyone who wants to focus on bringing out the greatness in children (and yourself!) -Reviewed by Rae Shagalov

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Different approach. Certainly, a different approach. We're in the process of applying it and it seems to be effective. -Reviewed by Douglas A Wood via Amazon

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 Love this heart-centered approach! Insightful and inspiring! can't wait to begin implementing these ideas.- Reviewed by Aron Mandl via Amazon


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