This Joy That I Have: Life After the Storm

When we rid ourselves of negative thinking, people, habits, and proclivities, we feel cleaner, lighter, happier, more grounded, and soulful. When we forgive others, move on, and love ourselves, it frees us to walk in the joy and fulfillment God has designed for us. Take a journey through your life to learn and manifest your life of joy and soulfulness. Discover how to overcome the pain of rejection, failure, insecurity, and doubt. Discover who you are at your core and learn to embrace the beauty of you. Your maximum life of joy awaits you! Let’s begin our journey together.


  • Release the pain you have been holding onto
    Overcome the setbacks in your life
    Find forgiveness for yourself and others
    Discover who you are at your core
    Experience your best joy-filled life

No matter what you have been through
A joy-filled life is waiting for you!




About the Author

Shoner Johnson

Shoner Johnson Ed.S is an educator, author, and motivational speaker.  She was born and raised in New York City and Little Rock, Ar. She received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from CUNY, York College, a B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education from Kennesaw State University, an M.S. degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University, and an Ed. S. degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Lincoln Memorial University.
Shoner realized her passion for helping others and her gift and love of writing over fifteen years ago which led her to publish her first book If It Had Not Been: Finding Strength through a Storm. Once a happily married mom and wife, she was suddenly faced with the death of her husband and life partner. Through this tragedy and valley experience, she was divinely led by God to write her first book, If It Had Not Been: Finding Strength Through a Storm. It was then she discovered her passion for writing and speaking in order help others cope with their journey through life’s storms. She knew her storm was designed to allow her to encourage others through their valley experience.
Shoner Johnson is passionate about helping others realize their life potential. Her mission is to educate, encourage, and empower others.  She has successfully used her gifts of teaching and speaking for the past 15 years as a motivational speaker, women’s Bible study teacher and educator.  Her outgoing personality, wit, and compassionate nature has encouraged and inspired others for generations.  Her gift of prophetic speaking has been a source of inspiration for others for many years. She continues to empower others with her gift of touching hearts and helping others live their best life mind, body, and spirit.
Shoner has published two books and is working on additional works
IF IT HAD NOT BEEN Finding Strength Through a Storm
THIS JOY THAT I HAVE Life After the Storm


This Joy That I Have Reviews

I so thoroughly enjoyed this read. Well written and truly inspirational. – Reviewed by Anon19221- via Amazon

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This book was so inspirational. The fact that this is based on real life experiences makes it more profound. A definite addition to anyone's reading list, especially after the storm. – – Reviewed by Blessed New Mom via Amazon

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The book was wonderfully awe inspiring. It touched my soul and pushed me to do some soul work. Kudos to Shoner –– Reviewed by January Christie via Amazon

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So inspiring. This is great read! -– Reviewed by Briona Thomas via Amazon

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In just a blink of an eye, Shoner Johnson stopped being a wife. Her husband of many years had a massive stroke leaving her a young widow with 4 small children.

Her book turns tragedy into a triumph of life, a life filled with joy. As we journey with Shoner we grow not only following her experiences but also in faith. This epistle shines as bright as Shoner's smile on the cover, a smile that will warm our hearts as this book will in years to come – – Reviewed by Janet

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This little joy-filled book is just that Joy-Filled. It's packed with helpful hints on how to find that joy that has been buried. It helps you step by step in forgiveness, failures, doubts, and many more things that keep your joy bound. It is there down in your soul you can find, and it will have you so full of joy you will want to share it with everyone so they will have it too.

A little book and a quick read that really packs a powerful punch of joy for you and everyone around you! – – Reviewed by Carol

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