The Miracle of Maddie

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage…but what happens when that baby is just out of reach?  Kevin and Mariah are no strangers to grief but they never thought they would be facing so much on their journey to become parents.

Follow Mariah and Kevin’s journey through infertility treatments as they candidly and some times a little too openly recount the ups, downs, sorrow and grief and learn to find true JOY in their journey to parenthood.


About the Author

Mariah Stubblefield

Mariah is no stranger to grief and sorrow, but has learned to find true JOY through her relationship with Jesus Christ.  She hopes this book encourages your journey to whatever you’re fighting for.  Mariah resides in Southern Illinois with her husband Kevin and their miracle daughter Maddie Joy.


The Miracle of Maddie Reviews

Mariah and Kevin want a baby, more than just about anything. But there ate problems. Kevon is disabled with a low sperm count. Mariah can become pregnant but loses their children after a few weeks. Tragedy after tragedy follow the couple as they repeatedly go through IVF only to continue to be childless.

This could be a tale of woe but it's not for throughout all their troubles they grow closer together and their strong faith shines. Like Job, they rejoice in the Lord and like Job, they are richly rewarded. The picture album of young Maddie will make you smile. A story to inspire all who are facing their own tribulations. -Reviewed by Janet

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