Music of the Clown

A face is lurking in the darkness. The face of…pure evil.

In 2005, teenager, Christopher Robertson, with some other dropouts started a band. Unbeknownst to them, there is evil hunting them, watches their every move. Evil is coming for each of them…all because of Christopher. What did Christopher do to attract this evil?



About the Author


Up and coming author, Atlas, is a freshman at Benton Consolidated High School. He created his first book never expecting it to be published. A quiet person, Atlas fills his writing with detail and suspense.



In his debut novel, Atlas delves into the life of the clown, John Wayne Gacy in a unique way. This short read is interesting from start to finish. There was a twist I didn’t see coming. I was certain I knew the way the book would end, but I was wrong. The author builds suspense as the story goes on, leading the reader to wonder who the next victim will be. The main character is a teenager whom you can’t help but worry about. I wanted to protect him as he found himself in danger again and again. Just when I thought he was going to get away, a twist was thrown. The ending of this book was surprising. A must-read! This young author is one to watch. – Reviewed by Award Winning Author, Shannon Simpson.

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