Red Wings Through The Forest

The book Red Wings Through the Forest details my 40- year hike through the Missouri Ozarks as a Forester and subsequently every state west of Missouri as a Wildland Fire Fighter. My monthly activity reports detailed the stories of me wading through creeks and stomping out fires. I chose the most interesting stories over that period of time compiling this book. I let my boots do the talking and I take the reader along on this hike as we travel through the woods, fight fire, and meet some amazing folks along the way.



About the Author

Tim Stanton

Graduating from University of Missouri with a degree in Forestry, I started my career with Missouri Department of Conservation in 1980. I had 32 years with MDC and then 8 more years with Chloeta (Resource Management in Oklahoma), teaching Forestry at Missouri State University, and a Wildland Fire Fighter/Safety Officer. My career took me to the Forests of Southern Missouri and then to every state west of Missouri. My 40 years of monthly activity reports kept the memories alive and with those reports came this book of a very successful, colorful career. I wanted to share with everyone this rewarding privilege I have had to manage and protect God’s creation.


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