The Best Interest

Nick Barnett, 41, small town divorce lawyer, divorced himself and trying to cope with being an every other weekend dad to his teenage daughter has his life changed when he agrees to represent the beautiful Livinia “Livie” Taylor in a bitter divorce and custody battle against her wealthy husband, Dr. Daniel Taylor over there three year old daughter. At first, Nick is confident of prevailing in the custody fight. But as he learns more about Livie’s past and discovers what she may be capable of, Nick is put to the ultimate choice, betray his own client, or zealously continue to represent Livie and put lives at risk.


About the Author

Eric L. Terlizzi

Eric L. Terlizzi, has practiced law in a small town in Southern Illinois for longer than he cares to admit. He and his wife live in Southern Illinois. When he’s not at his office, he can be found at their home in the country where he’s likely to be flying model airplanes or repairing ones he’s just crashed. The Best Interest is his first novel.


The Best Interest Reviews

Enjoyed this "oh the tangled web we weave" first novel by Eric L. Terlizzi. Fast paced and hard to put down look at the narcissist behavior and its consciences.
Clever, witty, and full of this could happen to the best. Characters were realistic and relatable. Look forward to more works from this author. Made for a great early Fall hammock read! – Reviewed by Kindle Customer vkm via Amazon

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For a debut novel, I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while, and I struggled to put it down. It’s part legal procedural, part mystery, part love story, and all incredibly well written. – Reviewed by Kristie Mock

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I LOVE THIS AUTHOR! SUPPORT HIS BOOK! HE IS A GREAT MAN! – Reviewed by Gregory_hearts_Andrea

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Author clearly is an experienced attorney who has been in and out of many courtrooms, unlike the vast majority of lawyer/ authors in this genre. Very enjoyable read! – Reviewed by Joe Bartholomew

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