Symphony of Crowns

Once a queen. Now a fugitive. Can a sacred song transform Gailea into a warrior? Despite ever-growing song-spell skills, Gailea has shed her crown to flee the kingdom she conquered…and the cruel man she loved. Hunted by assassins, she must hide her children and vanish, disguising herself as a teacher at an extraordinary magic academy.

Across the sea, sadistic King Samil has usurped the Carmennan throne, using forbidden spells and his talented young protégé, Mikanah, to seduce and enslave minds. His plan to crush the entire Lozolian Realm with an unstoppable army demands one last sacrifice: an innocent music mage whose soul can be twisted to craft the ultimate weapon. When a girl escapes Samil’s dungeons to warn of the plot, Gailea must reveal her gifts to join the elite, mysteriously selected music Guardians and confront the rising evil. But even the Guardians have their own agendas. Can Gailea trust Iolana, the former prisoner whose scheme to save the man she loves could doom them all? Or the very man who sent assassins to hunt Gailea and her children? Or even Mikanah, ripped unwillingly from King Samil’s side to accept a duty he despises. Does he seek redemption, vengeance, or power? Ahead lies a treacherous journey to rally the Guardians and confront their overwhelming enemies. But Gailea’s vow to reunite with her children demands a safe realm. And she will vanquish anyone, king, or ally, who stands against her. The trials of war and the power of music rush to a crescendo in this epic third installment of The Gailean Quartet.
The Custodian Breaking the Circle
In the Custodian: Circle of Sorrow we find out who the Custodian is. Now we find out why 67A Broughton Road has trapped souls within its walls for almost three centuries. Can the newest occupant, Lydia, a woman in hiding from spousal abuse by a barrister specializing in spousal abuse, and ghosthunter, Irving Stofferson, break the circle and end the misery surrounding the house? And what do the Pendle Witches, the demon of wealth and a rogue seraph have to do with the place? Open the book and find out. It will not disappoint.

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