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Lazarus Carpenter has lived in Wales for over twenty five years. Born in North Yorkshire, he is now an actor, musician, song writer and author, previously being a therapist, trainer and researcher, specialising in mental health. He was educated in Middlesbrough, Sheffield and Cambridge. With a fascination for Welsh History, he creates worlds within worlds; magical, haunting, spirituality permeating sound moral codes of life. He lives quietly with Debbie Eve and their dogs, Hennie and Noodle in a small cottage surrounded by the beauty of the Brecon Beacons in the Valleys of South Wales.

Published Books

Crach Ffinnant 1 The Phrophecy

“'Crach Ffinnant' The Prophecy”—It’s 1375 and the Welsh people have been “long chastised, ridiculed and ruled by the English...their hearts, heavy with doom. A great prince is waiting in the wings, not yet ready to rule but well placed to do so. He knows not at this time the destiny written for him but will awaken to come forth when the heavens decree, leading the down-trodden people to freedom.” A dwarf named Crach listens respectfully as his master relates the prophecy but wonders what it has to do with him, “a small man in a much bigger world!” That’s when his master, an aging wizard named Llwyd ap Crachan Llwyd tells Crach his apprenticeship of ten years is over and he must go on a long journey to the land of the accursed English where he will ultimately serve the future prince of Wales and fulfill his destiny according to the prophecy. Crach panics and protests.

“Calm yourself, Crach,” Master spoke softly. “Do you honestly think I would send you on such a journey without all that you need to do what you must do? Keep your eyes on the heavens. A solution exists for every problem and it’s always a simple one. Justice always prevails. It is the way of all things!”

Crach Ffinnant 3 Ravens and Dragons
It is late summer in 1400 and the Welsh Rebellion is gaining pace as Owain Glyndwr  and the Welsh Army under his command begin to do battle with Henry IV. Crach Ffinnant, ever the trusty prophet and seer rides at the Prince's side narrowly avoiding an assassins arrow. Tan-y- Mynedd and Crach must manage caring for baby dragons and although the species survival is now certain, their future is not. Henry IV worried by the talk of dragons sends Edmund to discover the truth. Meanwhile, Glyndwr takes Conwy Castle without spilling a drop of blood. The Prophecy continues to unfurl.
Crach Ffinnant 2 Rise of the Dragon
It is 1399 and twenty five years have passed since Crach Ffinnant, dwarf, prophet and seer began a quest serving the Prophecy. Henry Bollingbroke has imprisoned Richard II, taking the throne of England. Hating Glyndwr, Henry refuses to honour a debt and seeks revenge, sending an assassin to kill him. Tan-y-Mynedd the dragon searches endlessly in the deep caverns for the lost dragon eggs with hope in his heart they exist. Unrest in Wales is at a fever pitch, common folk and Lords alike gathering under the flag of the Red Dragon. Will Crach Ffinnant, dwarf, prophet and seer succeed in the quest? Will King Henry IV succeed in his mission to destroy Glyndwr? Will Tan-y-Mynedd succeed in finding the dragons eggs and secure the future of this ancient species? Will Owain Glyndwr become Prince of Wales? The Prophecy unfurls as Crach Ffinnant, dwarf, prophet and seer continues his adventures in Rise of the Dragon.

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