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Author EK Dobbins is a suburban girl with a big heart. She comes from a family of modest means and has grown up with core values of honesty and integrity that she lives by today. Ms. Dobbins says that she writes so that she can share her adventurous imagination with as many people as possible. Ever the entertainer, she has tried her hand at improve, orchestra, and stood in for a ‘male’ character in a short independent film.  EK Dobbins has been writing fantasy stories all of her life and have been published for ten plus years. Her novels are Epic Fantasy, and she has started to recently dabble in the Paranormal Fantasy realm. She is currently working on two separate series: The Sorceress of Selvast Forest Series and the Paranormal Investigation Unit series. Regardless of which one you choose; Ms. Dobbins promises an adventurous romp through her vivid and imaginative world. Embrace the Adventure!

Published Books

Jesse Monroe has been invited to teach Tarot Pneuma at the three hundredth anniversary of the Mystical Paranormal Convention, the most popular convention in the known universe. Before she can teach her class, she must attend a meeting that reviews a breakthrough software called Ouija. When communications break down and the software is demonstrated, it unleashes supernatural dangers throughout the entire hosting hotel. Jesse and her new friends must find a way to survive long enough to get out or they will suffer a fate worse than death, being in the clutches of the Mistress of the Flames.
Winter Sorceress
Milea has accepted a mission to awaken the last of the Eltis Warriors in preparation of a showdown with Tandon and its allies. The sorceress’s journey takes her north to the coldest region of her world, a kingdom of snow and ice known as Selcros. Ruled by a tenacious King, he offers to help Milea and her friends, but it comes with a price. For it seems that the Princess of Selcros has plans for one of the travelers that has come to visit. During their stay in Selcros, Milea and her friends face unplanned battles and the King’s whims. In addition to this, Milea herself must face a past that is not her own. Milea must navigate through this in order to reach her final destination before her window of opportunity disappears. The royals of Selcros, however, have different plans for the sorceress and her companions.
The Voyage

The world of Bri’al is a very dangerous place to be as wars are raging all over the planet. As the wars escalate, no place is safe, not even the Temple of Light in the Boiling Seas. This previously impenetrable fortress was once home to the strongest warriors and brightest wizards known to Bri’al and offered sanctuary to those in need. Now it lies in ruin. Among those visiting the temple during an all-out attack is the sister of Milea Sirus, Sorceress of Selvast Forest. Milea receives a sudden and distressed communication from Maya through the mirror but it ends abruptly.

Milea knows she has no time to waste in getting to her twin. However, her mystical means and other speedy forms of travel are cut off and she has no choice but to travel by boat. This journey is risky in itself and normally would take months. However, Milea obtains a mystical ship that can get her to her destination in weeks. Now, she must find a daring captain to travel to the Boiling Seas and face unknown dangers along the way. However, little does Milea know that finding the captain is the very least of her troubles. The Voyage is an epic and thrilling adventure which proves even a sorceress will need to get by “with a little help from her friends

Soul Search
Diana Hunter is an intern at the Paranormal Investigation Unit as well as a freshman at Morstone University, an elite college known for their highly anticipated First Night Party. She turns down an invitation to the historic occasion only to become deeply involved when a party goer ends up apparently dying during the event. As it turns out, the young woman’s soul is stolen from her body. Diana is determined to solve the mystery of the First Night victim but first must come to terms with her abilities and connection to an ancient past. She has the assistance of the senior P.I.U. officer, Deloris Matox as well as the support from the commissioner of the unit, Lawson Trunic; but will it be enough? Moreover, will Diana come to terms with her gifts and connection before she also becomes another victim?

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