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Desiree van Welsum

About The Author

Desirée van Welsum was born in the Netherlands and now lives in the United States. She is an internationally trained PhD economist, has worked and lived in six countries, and speaks four languages. Desirée spent most of her career as a senior economist and economic policy adviser with International Organizations, including the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Desirée and her husband Jonathan both suffered near-death experiences resulting from serious health issues. This was the catalyst for a change in lifestyle which started with buying a boat and traveling extensively up and down the U.S. East Coast and to the Bahamas for several years. When Covid hit they changed things up again, selling the boat and buying an RV. In 2021 they, and their four rescued Beagles, set off on an extended road trip which evolved into a multi-year plan to cover the entire United States, and beyond. The Long Way Home series chronicles their adventures.

Published Books

A couple and their four rescued Beagles embark on a grand adventure to explore the United States. Who will they meet along the way?

Traveling the USA is the dream of many, with the desire to find freedom and adventures on the open road. In 2021, Desirée, her husband Jonathan and their four rescued Beagles decided to change things up and set off on an epic trip that evolved into a multi-year plan to explore the entire USA, and beyond, in the ultimate American Adventure.

Follow their journey as they check off bucket list locations, national and state parks, roadside attractions, large cities, and small-town America in this series of short stories packed with interesting background information, history, fun facts, and personal experiences, richly illustrated with over 2,000 full color pictures. The Long Way Home – The Eastern United States covers 27 states in the Eastern USA, and Washington, DC, all five of The Great Lakes, the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, big cities and small town America, and a wide range of bucket list locations, from Niagara Falls to Elvis’ Graceland, from Dollywood to National Memorials, and from lighthouses to copper mines, as well as mountains, waterfalls, caves, beautiful beaches and natural springs, iconic sites in rock ‘n roll and country music history, museums, wild horses on the beach, bears in the mountains and manatees and mermaids in Florida springs, pasties on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, lobster rolls in New England, and beignets in New Orleans, and so much more.

Travel along through the pages of the first volume of this captivating series of books and be inspired to get out and explore!